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Is en.wikipedia.org safe? Reviews & Ratings

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en.wikipedia.org reviews 1542

Great website, wide range of useful information. Also has a very user-friendly interface. As a note to any parents, content on Wikipedia is not censored, so a parental control program would help. Some info may be "vandalized", though most "vandalism" is quite obvious. Just remember to check the sources at the bottom of all pages. If the article has no sources, try searching at another trustworthy site.

A good website for finding out information quick.

It contains accurate information despite the fact that anyone can edit it.

ThatWikiGuyThu Jan 15 1970


aquawhite07Wed Jan 14 1970

Wikipedia is a great place to start for research on just about anything… Because people can edit the pages themselves you might want to cross reference the information you read, just look around at some other sites.

I think that it is good for all ages as there is a warning on the article if there is going to mature content, so it is easily child safe. WONDERFUL!

Useful for science, not trustful for history and politics

a lot of good information but not always trustful. some articles are strictly wrong, so you often have to verify the content. not every author is loyal.

Because every one got the possibility to edit the articles, the information is not only written by a few scientiests. Teachers, doctors or just people wich are interested in this theme can write new articles or edit the existing because of wrong information. This makes wikipedia the number one source for information on the web!

Sexual content, and other content that you might not want kids to see. Wikipedia has a rule of not censoring.

I'm long time user
The perfect place for your kids to get information on all subjects, no ads, no spamming, honest factual information.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOpinions, religion, politicsOther


93 / 100

Child Safety

91 / 100