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Site is clean. Full of information about the effects of various drugs, but I still rated child safety green because there's no encouragement on here to use drugs. Could be a very useful resource when teaching your kids about the negative consequences and effects of drug use.
Domain, and all subdomains, blacklisted by OpenDNS for drugs.
Reliable website with a big database which lists properties of various psychoactive substances - both legal and illegal ones (You can even find an article about chocolate here.). And this is not everything. There are also trip reports, various FAQs etc. Due to the nature of this website I don't recommend showing it to children.
Very reliable source for informations about pretty much everything that is psychoactive.
This website should certainly be highly trusted. No malware or anything of any kind, just a bunch of useful information about every drug imaginable. I know drugs are a controversial topic, but this site focuses completely on harm reduction. People are going to do drugs anyways, and they should know what they are getting into. This website allows them to do just that.
Este sitio posee muchos recursos para informar sobre el uso y abuso de sustancias químicas, naturales y artificiales y su uso medicinal, de recreación y adictivo.
Has been a valuable resource, so much that I had to contribute. Please support! They have nice gifts if you donate, as well.
eng: Very informative, objective and child-friendly. Great site. ger: Sehr informativ, objektiv und kinderfreundlich. Großartige Seite.
Great site. People, especially young people, need to be educated on drugs because let's face it, they're going to try them anyway. We might as well inform them on their true effects.
I go with what zeroknight6867 is saying. Non bias info...
The site's information is good for steering people away from drugs.
Have enjoyed reading some of these stories over the past couple years, they're entertaining and informative.
This is what D.A.R.E half-attempts to do, but this site I'm sure has saved some lives of teenagers trying to figure out how much of their various illegal drugs is too much, along with cautionary "trip report" tales. I'm all for freedom of information, and this site is discreet, responsible, and even shadow backed by UC Berkeley.
"The actions of this webmaster have compromised visitors safety. Caution should be used when visiting this site, ordering any products, as well as providing any personal information" Um, since when do you order products through Erowid.org?! You must have followed an external Google ad or something. ( actually I realized you have 200,000 in a very short time! I am shocked that wot would willfully give one person the ability to mass rate that many sites at once as you could not physically visit all the site's you rated even if you were 500 people. That is not cool wot!) jeff134 is clearly copying and pasting the same rating and comment to many sites. He's abusing your mass rating tool. Edit: OK jeff134, if you think some stupid person's saying something stupid on the site like that makes the whole site unethical, go for it, but you should look up all the countless valuable horror story's people in recovery, and parents of dead teens post on there They are the majority of the site. It's not a Drugs are cool site, you'd know this if you visited it more than once or twice and didn't judge what you thought it was about. Speaking of unethical, it was your original post that called the site out for something it didn't do over your opinion of it's involvement of drug culture. OP: The actions of this webmaster have compromised visitors safety. Bull: "Caution should be used when visiting this site, ordering any products", "as well as providing any personal information" :End of Bull Since your whole first post and rating is a lie about the dangers of buying the webmasters non existent products and the dangers of giving them information, (total lies by the way) Just cause you don't like the site you shouldn't be rating sites at all. It's also hard to believe you visited all 200,000 sites your history says you mass rated. Never use wot for a political agenda! Ever! If you wanted to rate it for having drugs info that's what you should of called it out for in the first place, I'm done with you.
Erowid is a place where information is provided regarding various drugs. Legal and illegal alike. The information varies between explanation of the drugs, scientific analysis, and other research to users own experiances. While I can see the value of having a site that explains about drugs, I think that it can provide people with the wrong type of information. This is why I rate it as a bad ethical site as I could see a young person being told about how great cocaine is with a line similar to "I had finally found the ideal drug" That line, nor does that story, describe how cocaine has ruined many peoples lives and this is why it gets an ethical rating of red from me.
I love this website! Non-biased & great informative information.
Since the site discusses in detail the use of pretty powerful drugs i'd class it as definitely unfit for children. Children in this case being aged up till about 15. After that indeed it's a good site for teens to learn about the dangers. But younger children that can read shouldn't see this.
Some of the user submitted content on this site almost endorses drug use. This can be dangerous for child safety reasons. Otherwise this website offers great insight into legal and illegal drugs.
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