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Is facebook.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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facebook.com reviews 6114
beholder_grThu Jan 15 1970

privacy 0% it is free to expose your personal data everywhere!!!!!

also many security errors

The annoying thing about Facebook is that every once in a while – like 1 out of 5 times – their apps throws up a really bad bug. I hardly use the place any more, have found it not worth my computers' safety or my peace of mind.

facebook has been notified of inline frames Denial of Service exploit with applications that it continues to allow. Their response is that they will fix it when it becomes a problem, not before.

The site has recently messed up their Privacy Policy, saying thay have the master rights of everything you post on their – your photos, writing, profile etc.

Users can upload bad content, such as inappropriate images.

It is slightly safer than some sites as your content is not made public by default.

Before placing information on this site, the user must consider if the the information could be used against them in the future. This is because any information that is added to the site is ir-erasable, meaning it will be on the internet forever. As a result, personal details must be added with caution.

facebook has been having problems with "your photos are on *insert false address here* go and have a look" comments being posted on people's pages, do not click on any links like this, they tell you to re log in and steal your e mail and password

tigerandyx9Thu Jan 15 1970

They are now in 2009 trying to peddle/use my information for their purposes… information which belongs to the user… me! Even if I have © copyrights on my stuff… they are becoming a disgrace! This is a fraud! My information was supposed to be private and used on MY discretion with MY friends.

Tea KružićThu Jan 15 1970

Be careful with all the photos and private information you give out through facebook although it seems it is a lot of fun and interesting, anyone can put two and two together and get to know you TOO WELL.

Fairly safe as social network…
but no privacy for users.

I have had spam that could only have come from facebook and messages about applications being used by my friends when they haven't added them or even visited them.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOtherOpinions, religion, politics


87 / 100

Child Safety

81 / 100