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Is facebook.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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facebook.com reviews 6124
Sunshadow1986Thu Jan 15 1970

If you're gonna give profile information anywhere, try doing that elsewhere that has SSL and NOT at this location. With SSL, nobody can ever see this information, therefore your identity will be safe!

EDIT: Zlob trojan distributors have been confirmed to frequent this site! Be careful!

Deborah S.Wed Jan 14 1970

Fun for a while, but it gets boring throwing sheep at one another. Can be used for social PR if done right. Still learning about it.

too much spam on facebook

Ce site incite les gens à dire plein de trucs sur eux qui devraient rester privés, et ça c'est nul.

A large part of the revenue for Facebook comes from advertising and games. These sometimes require the sharing of personal information which can identify you. You should bear this in mind when using this site. To get the most from this site, it is vital that you use familiarise yourself with and use appropriate privacy controls

social network, funny but full of banners

-Users are unable to delete data once it is set on the servers.
-All pictures, video, information, etc. that you upload is immediately property of Facebook. You no longer own or have any rights to any of it.
-Allows people to post inappropriate pictures, and also allows users to post hateful comments.

sawconfusionThu Jan 15 1970

faceboock.com.good networking site a hadd more sucssefull for reuniting friends than site,friends reunited but my private details have now twice been open for anyone to see and have no trust in this site,shame cause i liked it before,but exposure of details has brought this site personly to out of the top five best sites.

tigerandyx9Thu Jan 15 1970

There are options to limit exposure but nevertheless there is still a strong ad marketing exposure of private data.

Lately facebook has made it security and privacy so horrible that every 5 in10 facebook user i are infected with spam phising every day i am not surprised if any person give it a bad rating

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOtherOpinions, religion, politics


87 / 100

Child Safety

81 / 100