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Is facebook.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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facebook.com reviews 6114

The privacy problem is a big safety concern. It's one thing if someone chooses to make their profile public, use lots of gadgets/applications, or post much private information. However, it's a very different situation when privacy settings change after someone fills in all the contact, and employment information, etc. in the basic profile setup, and perhaps posts photos including family/children, believing (based on their privacy settings) that the information will not be shared, or will only be shared with people they've chosen as "friends." This practice (whether intentional on the part of Facebook or not) puts many people in danger of being stalked or their children compromised, even if they haven't engaged in "risky" online behavior. While I enjoy the services and am too skeptical to be vulnerable to most of the gimmicks, I'm beginning to believe that Facebook has become dangerously aggressive about facilitating networking and information sharing.

One other perfect website for the complete lack of privacy, not only allowed by the website but also by third-party plugins. Minors should avoid it. Annoying ads too.

falsely listed as TrustE certified.
The URL http://www.facebook.com/ does not belong to a TRUSTe licensee. Please choose from the following, or click "Previous" to edit the text you entered.

Two many Adult content …

Tim OmachiThu Jan 15 1970

Too many perverts hunting children. Avoid it.

laetusatheosThu Jan 15 1970

Facebook is not meant for children and some users do post content that is either adult in nature or parents may not find suitable for young children.

Your informations are stocked in the server of Facebook. And they could sell your informations.

jonathanlee888Thu Jan 15 1970

Hate groups everywhere. Bad pictures being posted and impossible to remove. Bullying.

Not a great site, even if the whole world uses it.

Some of the adds are horrible scams and sites that cause the red WARNING sign to appear.

I've heard that they keep everything you insert there forever! Hate them for that. I am so lucky that i never posted anything in there.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOtherOpinions, religion, politics


87 / 100

Child Safety

81 / 100