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I don't like ad platforms, not unless they aren't following Acceptable Ad's campaign - and I doubt most of them are used by sites that care enough to configure their sites to use ad size, placement and clear separation of content and ad's rules. That non-intrusive ad's lead to *more* ad-revenue has been shown by studies long ago, yet most site managers have stubborn belief that giving up in-your-face ad's would be a sacrifice and act of good will towards users, and either greed or strict budget boosts that belief so that when faced with such studies or mention of them, without even having to rationalize it to themselves they are able to bypass any critical thinking and logic and just instantly place it in "logically impossible" category in their mind. That's why by default I never allow any ad-servers in µMatrix and block them in browsers that have NoScript but no µMatrix available. Although I use ABP (and µBlock Origin, but not for ad-blocking) and have Acceptable Ad's allowed, but set to only allow ad's without tracking, which only allows ad's that are not loaded from 3rd party domains, so blocking ad-service domains will not block any ads that I would allow through ABP, no harm there. OFFTOPIC-WARNING: Some recommendations, with lenghty explanations related to blocking scripts and any (or all) types of data from 1st to 3rd party servers, NoScript and µMatrix: I recommend µMatrix over NoScript as it allows easier configuration of what's allowed and easily allow or deny on global, domain or subdomain scope, each scope being able to override the previous one's rules. With NoScript, AFAIK the only way to allow 3rd-party domain from one or several domains, but not from any others is to use FireFox's built-in container support. I believe the old FireFox NoScript engine (before FireFox removed "legacy extension" support, allowing only new WebExtension type extensions) had a method of doing it before containers even existed, a system called ABE. But it wasn't the most intuitive system and required typing rules in obscure syntax that I had limited success in getting to work. I use containers, but with µMatrix I could just as well allow the domains YouTube needs to function at youtube.com scope - or to allow for *any* site you allow at * scope. You can allow or deny at *, .com, youtube.com, subdomain.youtube.com, ridiculous.subdomain.youtube.com, etc. But if you prefer NoScript and use FireFox (desktop version), you can assign youtube to open in dedicated container (I recommend installing Multi-Account Containers extension) and what you then allow or block with NoScript in that container will not affect other containers. AFAIK, this works with most add-ons automatically - not sure if it affects all settings of extensions, but I think the extension system has some kind of separation between site/domain based settings and global settings - for example, an tab-management extension like Tree Style Tabs would be nonsensical if all it's settings were different containers. It would render huge number of extensions unusable. I should check if µBlock Origin configurations are partly or fully separate for different containers - I'm assuming (and hoping) that options like what filter lists are enabled or if cosmic filters are enabled or disabled are same between containers, but user rules and filters are separated on container basis.
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Used to bundle ad services on pcgamer.com. The issue is I cant see the individual services until I authorize this one. I dont like services masking the identity of ads.

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