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Is gameguidedog.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

The best video game walkthroughs, game help strategy guides, news and reviews

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gameguidedog.com reviews 62

GameGuideDog, www.GameGuideDog.com, is a GREAT site!! They are exstreamly helpful and if there is a guide you need just ask and they will get it. David Garfield, CEO of GameGuideDog, will often respond very quickly, often the same day and the proseeds go to charities. I have been a member of GameGuideDog for years now.

coryreedsmithThu Jan 15 1970

After reading some of the negative user comments, I was shocked. GameGuideDog is NOT a scam; the site is safe for kids and great for parents. The charitable donations the company makes are above and beyond what I would ever expect from a 'gaming' community website. Other companies could learn a thing or two from this selfless act and I believe more people should support / subscribe to more companies like this one and stop supporting greedy corperations. Feww … now I feel better.

Site does NOT deserve the bad comments it is getting.
It provides a service.

mzbiz5@att.netFri Jan 16 1970

Excellent site, very responsive, kid friendly, great resource, personal service actualy people return your questions and help you. Bad reviews are false, and malicious.

Peter A PetrowskyThu Jan 15 1970

Excellent site. Very helpful.

george_deutschlandThu Jan 15 1970

This is NOT SCAM- great site for gamers.
Excellent customer service and selection of guides.

concernedcitizen1Thu Jan 15 1970

Not spam like some other posts say. This site is a genuinely helpful guide.

Excellent gaming site, great service at a small price

This site provides the service that is claimed, they have game guides that you won't find anywhere else quite often, and they certainly don't "spam" you. I first found the site while trying to find a guide for a game that didn't cost as much as the game itself a couple of years back, the site had a good, informative guide and in all that time I have received only one email that was not in response to a question I posted.

Robert Stiteler

Wraith_RaiderThu Jan 15 1970

Contrary to other websites, GameGuideDog is NOT a scam & is a good source of information.

Gameguidedog.com has never failed to provide me with the information I have requested.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


65 / 100

Child Safety

65 / 100