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Is gameguidedog.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

The best video game walkthroughs, game help strategy guides, news and reviews

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gameguidedog.com reviews 62
bennyoblivionFri Jan 16 1970

GameGuideDog is a great gaming site and resource for those looking for walkthroughs, best game info, and other current and informative gaming info. The attacks on it by the WOT rating system are not only inaccurate and misleading, they're downright hurtful and malicious to a reputable site that has helped many and hurt no one. Hey WOT, if GameGuideDog is such a potentially harmful site why have refused to respond to GGD's repeated requests to rectify this issue ? Unfair and irresponsible…When asked about this problem, GGD's CEO replied,

" We were attacked in 2008 with an older blogging software and they uploaded a phishing page instead of a picture. We caught them, blocked that ability, and WOT continues to display the erroneous information. We've tried to contact them several times unsuccessfully. The GameGuideDog site ADDS guides you cannot find anywhere, many updates given and created by our members requests. Many you will NEVER find anywhere and that's the value of being a GameGuideDog member."

A trustworthy site which provides excellent guides for the interested gamer.

r.davies49Fri Jan 16 1970

This site has been very good for both me and my family for support while playing our games. We play multiple platforms and there are no issues. Better than any other site I have searched.

mdhastingsFri Jan 16 1970

Great site – five star rating as far as I am concerned. 100% all the way.

Excellent resource for gamers

Comprehensive and up-to-date.

A shame the negative comments sit at the top of this sites comments.
I'm not sure how GameGuideDog collect their information, but I expect it is from other sites – the owner can't play all the games. That is a rediculous idea.
This site gives access to a load of walkthroughs in one place. If the walkthough is not there, they will try and find it on request (yes, they have done so for me).
The site may struggle to keep its head above water, it doesn't ask for much in subscription charges – why shouldn't it use advertising? Don't bother following any if you don't want the product!
…and good for them giving money to charities.

extremely useful

I like the site for game walk throughs when I'm stuck in a game. Beats buying a book for each game.

Excellent guides and I've never had any hassle from them.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


65 / 100

Child Safety

65 / 100