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Is gameguidedog.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

The best video game walkthroughs, game help strategy guides, news and reviews

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gameguidedog.com reviews 62
mamakatvanFri Jan 16 1970

When I need help, they are there.

ThaiGirl68Fri Jan 16 1970

Very good gaming site at a very fair price

Not Fraudulent. They had game guides that I have used before anyone else !

Wonderful site for me and my children. They have been wonderful about updates and about providing info on potential problems. This is the only gaming site I will let my children on without me constantly looking over their shoulder.

This is a great site. Very helpful. Always has what I need and help me out if I have a questions. I have NEVER had a problem with SPAM!!

Overall, GOOD SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

great for game information, never get spam, highly recommend this site to all gamers

Has always been great source of info

I like this site very much. Never had a problem with it. Keep up the good work.

shaz14dawnFri Jan 16 1970

always use this site as it always gives me the info im looking for and if it is not there i can send a request, whatever the age of the game, and they will give me a link….excellent service! site is secure,so no need to worry there, and you really get a worthwhile membership,especially as contributions and member fees go to a really good cause… this is definately my one and only site for all gaming help!!

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


65 / 100

Child Safety

65 / 100