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Is gameguidedog.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

The best video game walkthroughs, game help strategy guides, news and reviews

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gameguidedog.com reviews 62
davidgarfieldsosSat Jan 17 1970

One of the best video game help websites i've ever found. The support actually helps you personally wih any game questions!

I signed up to Gameguidedogs because it requested an email to view a walkthrough.

Site did not inform me until *after* I signed up that I would be required to pay a monthly fee to view the walkthrough. I declined to pay, and closed the site.

Since then I have received numerous badly written spam emails with links to GameguideDog "Giveaways" and "Lifetime memberships" – all of which require me to pay – and sometimes I even receive an email the next day asking if I saw the previous email! The level of spam is ridiculous.

What really disturbs me the most, is that after trying to Unsubscribe to these emails, the "Unsubscribe" button takes me to PAYPAL. Why?

Why would any reputable website link their Unsubscribe button to Paypal? The answer is, they wouldn't. The site is clearly unsafe and is basically phishing.

Even if you use the "Support" button and write an email explaining that you wish to be removed immediately from their subscriber list, you get no indication they have received it, and the spam doesn't stop.

This is in no way a trustworthy website, and if you need gaming help, I suggest you use walkthroughs from reputable sites such as IGN.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


65 / 100

Child Safety

65 / 100