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Is google.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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google.com reviews 4803

Awesome search engine. Wouldn't go online without it!

google is the best search engine on the planet.

nickthebicThu Jan 15 1970

For those who are afraid about Google's child safety, they should understand that adult content on the internet is inevitable and nothing of this nature can be completely controlled. It's a search engine, for goodness' sake.

Gmail is a really good javascript based webmail.. only downside is that you can't directly sign up for it, you must be invited


RE GOOGLE – top ranked search engine with top algorithms that appear to be overall fair and relatively unbiased. They will occasionally pull content at the request of companies or Governments, however, I have found that their reasons for doing so are usually good (for example pulling information that is grossly inaccurate, damaging, or potentially harmful). I do have an issue with the way that Google uses user information through out it's services and encourage users of any of them (including Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, and the browser) to read the EULA's (end user license agreements -the really long and boring legal documents that you agree to when signing up for and / or using any Google service) and make sure that you are OK with how they use your data. Also, users may find the "opt-out" steps either hard or impossible depending on what information they do not want to share with Google and it's "partners" which are many.

My ranking of neutral for children is simply because of it being a potential gateway to content that is unsuitable for children. Like your backyard or the street, Google itself is not harmful to children, but children unminded in the environment could find themselves in harms way.

Google the best search. Adult content can be blocked in settings, there is no password protection though. Parents need to know what there children are up too. Google not here to police your kids

It's…. Google. One of the most famous search engines out there. It's not the website that's the problem. It's what you click after you search.

Easy to use no matter what age you are.

ColKorn1982Wed Jan 14 1970

I used Dogpile for the longest until Google was born. That ended the use of Dogpile for me! Nuff said…….

google is a great search engine, BUT… If a little kid hears an "adult" word one day, such as "bo*b" or "a$$" and googles it, he/she will get 75% of the results as porn sites..

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94 / 100

Child Safety

93 / 100