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google.com reviews 4803
XxXBlood_3XxXThu Jan 15 1970

The Best Search Engine Around

The best search engine of the word!!!

Incluye La barra de herramientas de Google incluye un bloqueador de ventanas emergentes, entre otras funciones. Cuando detecta un anuncio entrante, el cursor cambia por un instante.
Junto al icono de la barra de herramientas de Google aparece un recuento de la cantidad de ventanas que han sido bloqueadas.
Puede indicar al bloqueador de popups que recuerde sitios que transmiten información útil a través de ventanas emergentes. Esta información se guarda en su equipo en una "lista blanca".
Instalación: ejecutamos el fichero GoogleToolbarInstaller.exe.
A continuación se acepta el acuerdo de términos y condiciones. Finalmente se elige la configuración y el idioma.

it helped me dozen of times

Great search engine

Excelente correo electronico, por todas las funciones que tiene y gran capacidad para almacenar

dangerballsThu Jan 15 1970

Google is a great search engine, but also a major privacy concern. They track *everything* you search for and it is tied to each computer or IP address you use. If you use a Google application (such as Google Desktop), they can attach the stored information to your own personal information. While I doubt that Google has any malicious intent, just look to the AOL search info leak to see what kind of embarassment leaked search terms can cause. So, use Google carefully and make sure you clear your cookies (or use an addon like CustomizeGoogle) to minimize the amount of data that Google collects about you.

hogenshpogenWed Jan 14 1970

Fast, Clean search engine, and a producer of some fine web apps. I would gladly trust google for product quality, and security of my information anytime.

monsterdogThu Jan 15 1970

Google tracks every little bit of what you do. They run scripts (which can thankfully be disabled with Firefox). I severely restrict Google's ability to access what I do and recommend everyone else do the same. Their motto may be "don't be evil" but they know more about you than your own mother does and they use that info to spam you with ads.

kungfooactionjesusThu Jan 15 1970


Best search engine out.

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94 / 100

Child Safety

93 / 100