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Take with a pinch of salt. Writer attempts to dismiss and/or conclude without the whole context, leading to opinionated answers without marking a "bias caveat". Readers must be informed that testing the answers against the whole context is needed.
They teach that all humans are full of 'sin' and only their chosen can 'save us'. They teach that homosexuality is a choice, which goes against the science, and a sin against their god. Their views on sexuality are archaic and dangerous. They push a variety of ancient, pre-science ideas as factual and moral. One of the most dangerous is to claim that relying on the word of god is more important than medications.
Another of the rash of christian ambush sites that pop up as top links in Google when anything 'occult' related is searched. These sites try to warn about the dangers of the devil and of course have convenient ways to donate to the cause.
A great site to discover the many meanings and teachings of the Bible. Sums up morals and life guidelines nicely.
Great site with lots of great info to think about.
Not a good site for biblical interpretation. Also anti-science.
written for a very particular set of Christian values that is subtly hostile towards unchristian viewpoints
extreme ansichten christlicher fundamentalisten.
Sounds like another conservative religious site. Conservative groups tend to be closed-minded and push their legalistic, condemning or bigoted beliefs or opinions as facts.
Трудно доверять тексту с таким количеством ошибок.
With the carnal lust for control & power, divides the world into black & white, presenting every instance of multiple choice (including the personal liberty decisions and customs that make people & cultures different) as a false dichotomy between choosing eternal salvation or damnation. Weaponized ideologies are oft a passive-aggressive sublimation of desired militaristic and sexual domination.
Неграмотные писатели, статьи пишут под заказ не задумываясь ни о правах человека ни о конституции страны в которой живут. Нарушают права человека унижая достоинство граждан страны в которой сами живут. Искажают факты, и не интересуются значением слов которые применяют.
This site is filled with complete and utter lies based on incompetence. One claim on it was that scientists create a false correlation between micro and macro-evolution. The site lies and points the finger accusing scientists of doing EXACTLY what the creationist quacks do! There is no biologically limiting factor for macro-evolution! Despite what the site claims, there is no "adding new genetic code." It is a gradual alteration over millenia. Science has more evidence backing evolution than it does backing gravity. This site is just filled with a bunch of biased and incompetent bible-thumpers with an agenda, lying however they need to in order to continue their mass-delusion. Evolution is fact. Accept it and move on with your life. Stop believing the pulpit-pounders blindly and look at the evidence, the peer-reviewed, concrete, reproducible evidence.
It is useful and informative and does not attempt to indoctrinate you or push their views in your face. It is really good for new Christians or if you need to know about Christianity.
I was surprised of all the questions and answers. Interesting reading, although do not agree with some answers.
Una esquisita fuente de informacion para todo tipo de consultas. Bendiciones
good info n trustworthy
Great site for information about how to relate God's word to the world today, for REAL people like myself, in a practical way. Thanks.

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