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The official website of the Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance marketplace, operated under the U.S. Federal Government.
I want an update. I got spam mail by gov website. All are warning me how it will end. Two email I got is a lie. That told me this. The estimated average penalty for not having insurance in 2016 is $969 That is not true, and I feel that was a scary temp getting me sign up. DO NOT TRUST EMAIL! Info may be wrong. Website self-feel way over price. Do your math. Do what it will cost you 10year. Then see what truly cost you if you didn't have healthcare! Now I am going without healthcare again. This may put me in negative for 2016 tax! Stop it now before it messes you! All it take is miss deadline or losing your job at the wrong time! You have been warned!
I'm basically rantin' over the website design. NOw, yes, this website is very important to peoples' lives, but HOW, HOW does it mess up like this?!? Shame on you who took peoples' life insurance and mashed into THIS website.
UPDATE: I'm still getting emails from this site, especially now with Open Enrollment starting soon, and since I was not able to get insurance last year (due to the high cost, mainly) I thought I'd check it out again. I didn't log in so I can't comment on how that part's working; I just used the tool to plug in some data and look at plans. That worked fine; the process was smooth and the pages loaded about as quickly as any site on my 3G broadband connection. I was able to view a few of the plans but didn't go far; my income is still too low to qualify for the subsidy so I still can't afford any of the plans (it's also too high for Medicaid in this state with a Republican governor who didn't expand it). ORIGINAL REVIEW: Still buggy. When I tried to apply I ran into problems with terms I didn't understand, the need to call a *credit bureau* - Experian - to verify my identity - and "technical problems" (their words) that ended a chat session before it was finished. The site was never able to do the identity verification so I downloaded a PDF document with instructions for how to do that; the PDF's file name had spelling errors. I still find it hard to believe that a *government site* would allow that kind of sloppy work; if it had come from any other business they would not have received any business from me. I ended up calling the number and the person I talked to was able to get me plan offerings, which he said meant that the identity verification *had* worked - he said those offerings don't come up until the end of the process. But later in the mail I got a letter from the site with the same information as was in the document with the misspelled file name. So I don't really know what's going on. I was not able to actually sign up because I can't afford *any* of the plans but if that situation changes I will probably do my own research and enroll somewhere without using the site. In other words - I still don't trust it.
The racist and conspiracy crap is hogwash. The only reason I am not giving it a full green is because of the remaining bugs and privacy concerns.
obama care is a scam and privicy risk too also you will see premium rise 10x more thaan bargin for for some. i repeat do not register by any surcirm stances. mae up youre own health car or go to some on else.
Sitio del gobierno norteamericano para obtener seguro de gastos médicos.
A good site to join to affordable health care for you and your family at a discount prices and much more.
This is the official Affordable Health Care Act website. A federal government website managed by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
major headache with this site.
BE AWARE! Any information provide to this website WILL be available to hackers, phishers and spammers. This website is COMPLETELY UNSECURE! Use at your own risk.
Why are people still buying into the lies? Government only succeeds in exasperating problems, it NEVER solves them. Thats what INNOVATORS do. Why, for example, would a contracted company create something that works the first time, if they get additional money to fix the issues they've made? This is a scam on so many levels.
The site seems to be improving and I was able to register very easily.
Obamacare is a scam and the rates will break you IF you have to pay for the coverage.
(US) government website for obamacare, not much more to add really. The previously experienced outages and bugs seems to be resolved now
The website is indeed owned and operated by the United States Government. However, the website is buggy and is not ready for prime time. It is as simple as that. Politics have nothing to do with the fact of if a website is safe or not.
Office site of US government.. Good site with info.
Impossible to see any information without registering and giving out very sensitive information. Not even to mention to numerous bugs, crashes, and poor interface.
This is a great site to explain the affordable health car act (Obamacare). No crazy propogranda, just facts.
I'm very sick and disabled. Today I decided to sign up with Healthcare.gov. I live in the State of Appearances called Florida! Where they care more about Alligators and Snakes than it's citizens! My security wouldn't let the page load at all until I disabled it! The email I received also notified me that, "This email may be scam!" All I can say is my security don't like it and neither do I!!! After three attempts during the registration process and seeing a message saying, "You didn't respond to your verification in your Email for your account fast enough!" I gave up! The article in the Orlando Sentinel about this whole mess was alarming with chaos! The news mentioned that there will be representatives sent out to drug stores and Walmart etc. I'm a frequent visitor of Walgreens and Walmart and have not seen a soul out there! The article also mentioned that the clientele involved in organizing the whole MESS in the state of Florida are basically well . . .DISORGANIZED!
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