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Porn site - NOT for children. Risks: tracking, spam, fraud, identity theft, malicious downloads. Do not provide any financial or personal data.
jdownloader.org is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.
the programm on this site include an installer with account dropping of your logins. after install is all safe but, during the enter the premium account data my antivirus get alert. be careful!! now, i must change my password -.-"
Listed at 3 trusted sources for malware. Highly recommend that nothing be downloaded at this site: http://www.urlvoid.com/scan/jdownloader.org/
Jdownloader 2 tries to install virus on computer :(
Good Download manager with excellent features. And it is free. The Installer currently tries to install some toolbars or browser addons, so make sure to steer clear of that during the installation and decline the install of these componentes if you do not want them. If you enjoy the program, maybe it´s a good idea to support it and send them a couple of bucks to help improving the software, along with the message to get rid of the ad-ware style installations, since many people are not tech savvy and get bugged or scared by unwanted programs.
Excellent download manager! Maybe the best for downloading from obscure sites.
JDownloader the software itself is a great tool, but the webinstaller tries to fool users, by installing browser addons for hijacking
Somehow this product got "pushed" onto my computer. 40 minutes later, there were 3 different installation programs running on my machine, and I had fivecopies of the dmg file for this app in my downloads. I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it, and I couldn't stop it. I had to shut the computer off. Then, when I turned the computer back on, I had to reset some preferences.
Le programme d'installation ajoute des malware et des moteurs de recherche litigieux aux navigateurs internet. Ne surtout pas selectionner l'ajout d'addons vers les navigateurs. C'est à se demander si ce site est sérieux et si tout est exempt de virus.
Downloader installs a toolbar, a virus and changes the starpage of firefox to a WOT banned page. A new tap always opens the same wot banned page. The official download should not be used. Look for inofficial downloads with google. you have to: about:config browser.newtab.url reset deinstall "greener web" addon (tested by third party, is spyware)
God some malwares when installed JDownloader, including Sweet Search and a malware that substitutes some links for links of pages filled with ads. It isn't something that seems to steal data from my PC - just something to make someone earn a lot of money by 'forcing' the user to access sites with ads - but it's annoying anyways. Sometimes I have to double click some links to make sure I'll access the page I want.
Der Installer des JDownloaders installiert derzeit zusätzlich zum eigentlichen Programm unerwünschte Browser-Hijacker. Der JDownloader selbst ist ein sehr leistungsfähiges Programm, das z.B. Videos von Youtube speichert und Downloads von OCHs durchführt.
In a word: avoid. Following reports of malware in the official installer such as at http://board.jdownloader.org/showthread.php?p=283267#post283267 I decided to check it out for myself. I'm sorry to say that it does appear to contain malware. The technical details of my test follow, with links to the programs I used at the end of this review. The official installer uses the "web" or "thin" installer method which is often used to hide the true behaviour of an installation. I first tried to use Sandboxie to run and monitor the installer, and was surprised to see it downloaded three files to my computer and then immediately deleted them and exited. Thinking the installer was detecting it was running inside a sandbox and refusing to continue, I instead loaded it in a Windows XP virtual machine and it successfully ran. I used Process Hacker to see what was going on, and was shocked to see that as soon as I ran the installer, and before I had the option to decline anything, SweetIM (see scorecard for ***** ) was installed to my virtual machine. I ended my test at that point in horror. Since my test, I have explored the official forums further, and the staff of the forums have links to pornography in their signatures (you can see staff member think3r's signature, for instance, by visiting the link at the top of this review and scrolling up a little way). Worst of all is the hypocrisy - the staff are fully aware of the malicious software in the installer, and justify it by saying "it's the only way we can make money", conveniently forgetting about all the legitimate ways to make money from software. Precise program under test: JDownloader Web Installer http://installer.jdownloader.org/WebInstaller.exe Programs used to test: Sandboxie ***** Microsoft Virtual PC ***** Process Hacker *****
Beware of the installer, though: don't install delta toolbar along with it.
Silently installs crapwares during it's installation, even if you had unticked all the boxes (some PUPs doesn't even appear in the list). These PUPs include a crap called WebConnect which seems to be an adware. Very disappointed, it used to be a good DL-manager...
Useful download manager, but written in java and thus a resource hog. 800MB RAM on Linux - wow. Starts really sloooooow.
Comes packaged with Babylon Search toolbar, uncheck the box and it installs itself anyway.
Installer of the program might also include a malicious behaving other software [changing over time] like toolbars (which also could use rootkit techniques). It is optional, but it tricks the user by a misleading installer interface to accidently miss the opt-out option. I would rate the program itself as good downloadmanger, but sometimes even advanced users might fail to opt-out the other installer.
This is Very Very dangerous for your PCs, because while you're installing the software it try to fool you making you to install extras software that are know as Spywares and malawares As for example de Babylon Bar that is a real problem, Well I didn't install any of those things, I try to just install de JD but at the end, I used my Anti-Apyware and it Detected 11 Malawares (PUSC) from the JD !!

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