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Is mail.google.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

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mail.google.com reviews 2273
thewelshgirlThu Jan 15 1970

My children use Gmail and I wish there was another way of blocking obscene spam other than setting up a filter. A simple 'child user' setting would be good.

TheOzWizardThu Jan 15 1970

Lovely experience! Use it 😀

ActmeisterThu Jan 15 1970

The best web based free e-mail. That said, be aware that their computers read your e-mail for the purpose of targeting ads to you. They have also been known to give access your people's e-mails to government. The most notorious example was providing access to Red China, the e-mails of a Chinese dissident who was jailed as a result. Just don't save anything online with them that you don't want everyone to read.

en good suport

No problems with Gmail

ChronosAurvandilThu Jan 15 1970

Has a good spam filter, is fast, and has many useful features. However, google is known for using private information from emails and searching in advertisements and for law enforcement without a warrant.

messagerie en ligne avec possibilité pop3 et avec un très bon filtre anti spam intégré

larrylotterThu Jan 15 1970

Great, nothing to say

used yahoo and hotmail before but this is in a different league

The best email provider out there! Excellent spam filter, email search, tagging, nice interface for other programs.

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94 / 100