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I raised request for refund on the same day when I purchased license for entire year. But they said that they can only do this if there's a technical issue and whether that is a technical issue or jot, it will be decided by them. This is what they are doing after giving 15 or 30 day refund policy. Here I am listing just a few pain points that I experienced 1. 1st problem is very tedious login on every app. I mean this problem is so trivial, how can they leave it like this? 2. I mainly purchased the license for auto subtitle, with trial account we can't generate subtitle and when I purchased I found that the style option is very limited, also no highlighting. I get the same result with kdenlive for free and now YouTube create does better job 3. There background noise cancelling is very basic. Even after 3 repetition I can still clearly hear the humm noise 4. Licensing is very confusing. There is no place where you can see your access limit to all tools that you get. Even there support staff told me that I get unlimited access to all tools and that is not at all true. I used there video background removal tool, they basically gave me 2 or 4 min for entire month. If I need more I'll have to purchase more minutes, this is what I get for purchasing license for entire year. 4. I used there AI voice: it sound so artificial that it feels irritating and emotionless. It's unusable. 5. If you are editing video in their editor and want to use noise cancellation (for example) then you'll have to go to noise cancellation tool and clear audio there. Where as almost all other alternatives has option right in the editor itself to save time and make process smoother 6. In there video background remover. Once you downloaded the video, you can't download that again. Yes! Even the same video. Just imagine, that due to some random issues the download failed then you'll have to use your credit again to do the same task. I can only go on with problems with media.io.Specially there support, they literally took 18 minutes to say Hi when I was 1st in queue. I had an forgettable experience with media.io. I am just hoping that they refund me
Quick, useful, usually free.
The MP4 conversion function of this website is really easy to use. I have been a member for one year. And this website is safe!!!
This website misleads you into thinking that the downloadable app is free, while it is not. It is in fact a trial, that only converts 1/3 of your original file. You have to pay to get what you thought you were downloading. On the other hand, this app is perfect if you happen to have files that are three times longer than they need to be.
Sembra funzionare nella conversione, invece poi, nel momento del download t'inganna e ti scarica un file convertito in mp4 invece che in mp3. Allucinante qualcuno deve intervenire, sull'elaborazione video audio si sta sviluppando un mercato fraudolento di vasta scala Seems to work in the conversion, but then, in the time of the download t he deceives you to download a converted file in mp4 instead of mp3. Hallucinating someone must intervene, on the video processing the audio, is developing a market that is fraudulent on a large scale
converter only supports converting 2 tasks at one time
This is a good site where you can convert files into audio format.
Very good online file converter. Works without any problems for me. Safe site
The site itself works fine, though it takes a very long time to upload your file (understandable).  However, the download they have for their desktop version works worse than their website and their claims are misleading.  The program does not have unlimited conversions to mp3 like it states it does-- with the free version of the program, the desktop version will only convert 1/3 of your mp4 to an mp3.
Converted several 3gpp audio files to MP3 online (download optional); conversion was fast and even had option to store files as zip file. I saved each separately and checked that they were OK then opted for the zip (checked later and all were there and played perfectly). I spent 4-5 days researching conversion software and reading all the negatives about spyware/bloatware, but this site produced no red flags/quarantine from Avira or McAfee. I'm so relieved to find a product that does what it promises, and free to boot. I'll gladly donate to media.io for developing/sharing a great product!
AVG Antivirus appears to go apes**t on their free converter tool that you can download, but otherwise this site is fine.
I converted a wav file to an MP3... no complains.. it is worth the donation!!!
War nicht das was ich erwatet habe.
When I tried uploading a FLAC file and converting it into an mp3 file, I selected 320kbps extreme quality, but the converted mp3 file wasn't 320kbps. Despite some conversion setbacks, this site is safe and free.
Can't believe there's such a good site!
Simple to convert files and works fine. No problems on my end.
Have used this site a couple of times, no threats from here.
Сайт супер!!! Site super!!!
This is an excellent site, and works great for converting any format, into a wide range of other formats.
I have only used this site a couple of times, but the experience is favorable. My Avast! antivirus software found nothing in the files I had the site convert (MP3 to WAVE). So far, so good.
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