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This is where you can talk all about the games that you have played. Since there are so many gamers in the world you can tell just how much there are going to be discussions. It has so many users just because of that and the discussions are always booming.
If you want to talk about gaming then you will do that here. There are so many gaming topics that re being discussed in this forum and that has made it to become ever popular. All that you have to do is identify your favorite game and then get on with it The site is safe and secure.
While this review may seem a bit odd at first, one thing i need to make clear is, when it comes to mods and a few other things mainly, its a great website for those parts, with most users being able to submit their projects with ease, and sometimes get donations from fans of their creations such as mods, but its the forum users that ruins the point of the hellbent website, new users who post anything on the website, malicious or not, will be completely bombarded by veteran users which the mods never ban even though flaming of such a high degree is something you can report about, such as one who is pretty much infamous for having an affinity for flaming, went ballistic on a new user simply suggesting a few new mobs to a mod, clearly some of if not most of the new users are clearly young, since minecraft is a widely available game kids can play without blood after all so they can ask about mods or vanilla features or to avoid deranged idiots on other games, one especially toxic forum is the advent of ascension one and a few others, lots of the veteran users there often love to bully new users who may not even be used to forum websites in general, i especially fell victim to this back in 2015, it was my very first forum website, i really enjoyed the advent of ascension mod and wanted to find out how to fix a minor bug, instead being incessantly bullied by the veterans, what i thought is it was mainly that forum where it occurred, but it was far from it, as i saw other forums of mods that i use, the amount of hatred spread to those innocent users is unbelievable, obvious that the website has a community reminiscent to that of a lesser league of legends community at times, overall this review can be taken lightly, but for parents planning on making an account for their minecraft loving children, avoid at all costs, from easy to escalate arguments and the most toxic forum veterans you will find for minecraft, along with adware and other viruses, it is a sign that minecraft forum isn't for children.
This site runs very slow and crashes commonly due to the huge amount of ads on the site. Even using an ad-blocker to block all of the ads isn't enough to stop it from crashing, because it keeps attempting to display more ads, resulting in extremely high memory usage(around 1GB or more when I tested it) and extremely high CPU usage. Some of the ads are also malware-infested, and are extremely dangerous. However, if you manage to get past all of the crashing issues and ads, you will find that the site is aimed towards younger audiences, so profanity is almost non-existent there.
I've downloaded many mods from this website, with just a few of them being Trojans or PUPs. I've looked to the forums section for help and found it useful. However, I have recently encountered a bad download that seemed to have come from this website. I had two tabs open: Spotify and this website. It suddenly showed in chrome that i had downloaded a 'flashplayer.exe' and immediately thought it must be a virus. My antivirus immediately warned me that this was malicious, and the tab for the minecraft forums website had changed to a presumably flash player website with a url I didn't recognize. THIS WAS NOT FLASH PLAYER. As I clicked the back button, it went back to the forums page i was on and i do not remember clicking any ads. Fortunately, my AV quarantined it quickly. I recommend, when coming to this website, to at least have ads disabled and have a good antivirus. If you have a download coming from this website without your permission, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY.
This website rocks ! You can find: Mods, WIP Mods, Texture Packs, Maps, Shaders and MORE ! I recommend it :D
Живое сообщество. Много полезного контента. Создан специально для детей и подростков.
The site offers original content, but has a few ads. Not mobile friendly. Update: The site is now mobile friendly
Some content may not be appropriate for children, but everything else is great.
News and forums for the computer game Minecraft.
One of the few trustworthy places to get Minecraft mods/maps/resource packs/etc., but sadly with annoying intrusive ads, because Curse.
Довольно интересный сайт, советую пользоваться, можно доверять.
Bel sito. Parla molto bene di Minecraft
spel forum sida för minecraft!
The forum depends heavily on 3rd party content. While the Forum itself has posed no issue so far, be careful of the threads contents.
Upon joining the forums, I posted in a certain forum offering web design (the forum was for staff). I did not receive any applicants. However, I was bombarded with multiple sarcastic and plain hateful remarks stating that I was cheating on people and things similar to that. Don't sign up for the forums. They're plain awful.
Very large forum community, and very kid-friendly due to the active staff. If that does not appeal to you, there are multitudes of other Minecraft-related websites.
The official forum of Minecraft, with account creation Curse standard or premium for access. However, there are doubt about the intention of this forum: First, it is sometimes impossible to access because: -Either it is flooded with requests and there are more places to connect to. -Or apparently the computer IP is blocked for no reason (accessible via proxies), or accessible also by restarting the box internet or by allocating a new public IP. -These reccurents bugs that have apparently never been settled, like the most famous video sharing site but less worse. Second: -Many third party tracking cookies spy on us (at least a dozen!) (For Ads and profit?). Except where extentions like Ghostery or Do Not Track Me (which allowed me to discover) on Chrome and Adblock are used.
There are some annoying ads on there and also the staff are extremely strict. I would prefer Planet Minecraft!

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