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Always informed of delivery and pleased with who delivers
This courier company is a complete joke. They have on multiple occasions failed to pick up paid for collections suggesting I should take them to the parcel shop as they are unable to work out why the collections did not take place. I even managed to speak to the local field manager about the latest incident, who having assured me that he would definitely get the parcel collected, promptly forgot all about it. Incompetence is too small a word.
Awful service and terrible company with even worse couriers who "fail to deliver due to restricted access". What restricted access you might ask... a DOOR with a BUZZER. (And why do they need my phone number if they cannot call to see if I'm around -- which I have been, the entire day, waiting for the mighty hermes guy to grace me with his presence.) Only giving it a star to be able to leave a review, because frankly, this service doesn't even deserve one star.
Hermes parcel delivery tracking and information.
Excellent service time and again and they sent me a free bar of chocolate last year! my parcels have always got to their destination no problems and far cheaper than Royal Mail.
The worst courier company bar none. This time they didn't even bother to try and collect the my parcel after payment and left the transaction hanging in limbo for 2 months! Oh and their compensation apparently only start from the time they collect the parcel, which means they can wipe their hands (according to them) of any contractual arrangement to do what a courier company normally does which is..........COLLECT AND DELIVER PARCELS!
FANTASTIC SITE and service – and prices are very good --- I have just started selling on e-bay and setting up an account is simple –– and for extra 20p or so they pick up from your home They even have an option for dropping off at local collection point if you can not be in to send it ---- so no more long waiting in post office lines – or waiting in for collection Tracking item is so easy – EVEN ON STANDARD DELIVERY where you do not want or require a signature – as it lets you know where item is --- EG -- at local depot – at delivery depot – with courier – delivered and time delivered etc – all this for standard price – WHERE AS WITH POST OFFICE you have to pay for a signature to trace your parcel Bad Reviews are over a year ago and reading between the lines It seems strange to me -- that they didn’t want to use the local drop off point to avoid waiting They said they had not had a pick up – again VERY strange ?? – I got my pick up well within the agreed time no hassles --- Were they even in at the time for the courier to pick it up I ask myself ? You can even pay by pay pal so you are protected anyway to get your money back – Makes me wonder why -- fluff23 ***** didn’t get a refund from pay pal ? Is there something fluff23 isn’t telling us ?? For anyone - whether your selling on e-bay or just sending and odd parcel you would not find a better service – I highly recommend this service
After waiting 5 days for a parcel to be collected my 3 emails to customer service asking what was going on went unanswered, won't be using myhermes again!
Great service. Sold something on ebay and accidently put the delivery cheaper then what parcelforce charged! So I looked online and quickly found myhermes and was cheaper then I charged. So I used the service and it delivered quicker then promised! Recommended and will use again!!
they always arrive on time and collect when they say they will!
Avoid this company at all cost! They fail to collect parcels time and again. Awful customer services. Not worth the stress just to save a couple of pounds. Last time I tried to send a parcel with them (next day pick up) it took them a week to collect it, my complaints (sent every day) weren't taken at all seriously. When I requested a refund in order to use another courier I was informed that this wasn't going to happen. I could use another courier but I still had to pay for the service that MyHermes wasn't supplying. In my opinion this is down and out THEFT. Outrageous! Steer well clear folks!
please avoid this company, they fail time and time again to collect on booked collection dates. emails go ignored and often there phone just gets ignored if you try to ring them!!
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