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The website--and the organization--are far from racist. There is a fine line between groups advocating for white Americans (basically white supremacy) and blacks. White supremacists think that they're the best; this organization doesn't...it's just trying to improve the lot of a people who, in general, have been fucked in the ass for too long (and are still fucked in the ass). Let's face it: most whites don't need an organization to help them out because, well, they're white! Things are good in the USA (and many other countries) when you're white. I'm not denying there's discrimination against whites, but it's on a much smaller scale (at least in the US) AND is not nearly as institutionalized and ingrained in government, economy, and society as here. Also, don't label white supremacist groups as supportive of European Americans. They're not; they're supportive of WASPs. Screw Jews and Catholics, those damn guineas, spics, gypsies, and all the other crummy, "tan" folk. THAT'S what they advocate. BUT I'm also not denying that the NAACP has not gone overboard in some cases. They do, and it's a sad matter of how in this day and age of so much political correctness it makes my mouth sour, that people find racism in everything. It's not racist to do so; it's just stupid and belligerent. Or just looking to get interviewed on TV and spark a controversy. Nevertheless, you can't deny how much the NAACP's legal efforts (so no Black Power or anything racist going on) has helped blacks in the US throughout the last century. This website, in addition, does not install malware or any other thing, and isn't a scam or phishing or whatever (after all, we're really supposed to be rating the website, not the organization).
Basically the extremist African American version of white power organizations. View points here are based on race.
Neutral, these race advancement sites are so hard to judge. It's good site, but....
The NAACP infringe upon the rights and freedoms of non-blacks (most often Whites) to push their ideologies and politics. They don't just want to make gains for blacks...they want to do so at the expense of everyone other race (once again, most often Whites). An organization/website dedicated to helping out a group of people. That's not a wrong (or as idiots say "racist") thing at all. The only wrong thing is when only certain groups are allowed to establish such organizations. And then those organizations achieve sort of a monopoly on things. This just proves the well known fact that separation is the only way for peace. Complete physical and political separation. Oil and water don't mix either but Liberals don't try to mess with it.
Racist hate site! I am shocked there sites like that!
All negatve comments have been plotted by this white supremacist site *****
Witness the double standard.
I find it hilarious that some of these reviewers can claim that a site espousing so-called 'racial purity' isn't hateful, while the NAACP is. I'll admit that I don't perfectly agree with everything about the NAACP, but I still believe they are a decent and upstanding organization.
The people who mark this down as a hate site and then complain that others are "censoring the web" need to reconsider their views.
These failures hate Whites based on race.
Pins whites as the "racists" because of their own failures which is racist !!!!!!!
This is a very safe site and a benevolant organization. Keep up the good work.
Puts the rights of Blacks ahead of the rights of other people. Incites racial violence against whites, including the rapes of tens of thousands of white women annually. In 2005, over 37,000 white women were raped by blacks and in the same year less than 10 black women were raped by whites. Site also opposes equal rights for whites. END HATE AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WHITES ON ACCOUNT OF SKIN COLOR!
Ask yourself why these people get to openly advocate for their race and are accepted and funded by corporations and government, yet European Americans are slandered and hated if they do so.
A racist website that advocates for the advancement of people who aren't of European descent.

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