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The site looks appealing and trust worthy, it is quickly accessible and doesn't hang.
Tried to find-out how trains were disrupted across London today. They're completely stopped, with certain parts of the route blocked. It took me a long time to find this out. Not due to my lack of experience in using websites effectively, but due to ignorant BAD SITE DESIGN. When I entered two affected stations into the site's engine to travel TODAY, instead of stating that trains were disrupted, the site just patronisingly and incorrectly gave me train times for TOMORROW - when they're not disrupted but I won't need to travel. How helpful!! I had to navigate through multiple pages of (following the 'tabs' at the top of the homepage) misleadingly-titled info until I found the information. They even made a typo on the station name in the end. This site has had constructive complaints from me and less complimentary ones about how poor it is under these circumstances, and they blatantly DON'T CARE to perform better. FAIL. The train system in the UK is badly-integrated, and this being the official site, they ought to be the ones to take-up the slack, but they still act arrogantly with their taxpayers' / rail users (same thing) money! I'm a systems engineer, so I notice. Not everyone does, but everyone can get stranded and/or waste a lot of time this way - and no discounts are offered, whilst the incompetent ones are still paid their salaries. Offensive. I don't know why the comment below is voted down, as YES, the site has ADS (and it's a taxpayer-funded official UK site, in effect, and the train system is expensive, so it's adding insult to injury). In fact, this site is a microcosm of all that is wrong with the UK in design ethics and management today. The privatised rail system takes a far higher taxpayer subsidy than when it was nationalised, even! Why is this stupidity tolerated? In order to make private companies profit! Whilst it performs poorly and - especially when things go wrong - shows how badly-managed it is! Welcome to the UK - sucking the corporate 'appendage' instead of employing corporations under strict contracts to perform or GTFO. 'Babylon' indeed. Then if the 'little man' makes a mistake in his ticket, or gets on a train, wishing to buy a ticket on the train or at his destination, is treated like a criminal due to the system having double-standards about who has to perform his part of the contract under criminal penalties. If the train is cancelled, you have to go through loads of bureaucracy to get a refund - if you're lucky. No criminal penalties there. Imbalanced system that profits from the 'little man''s effort - yet again. I'm not a communist, it's just that everyone's mental health suffers! Except the damned shareholders, of course! This is the elephant in the room that most are too weak and scared to practice civil disobedience against. If we did, sites like this might be forced to have a better attitude. Government too... and transport in an over-populated country is crucial. So it's important to mention. The Dutch and many other countries get it right! Britain supports ignorance... and thus encourages riots, ultimately. Join the dots of cause-and-effect, and resist the b.s.! Peace.
great site for finding train times and booking tickets
this site is very if you when to know the train time or fair for your train
never had problem buying ickets or form virus's/ pop ups(yet anyway)
You cannot buy tickets from this site - it offers various links to buy tickets Has been redesigned to include ads. I don't see them with Adblock plus add-in. DO NOT USE TRAINLINE ON THE LINKS PAGE. All vendors get a commission for selling tickets, trainline add surcharges to use credit cards (which normally gives you free travel insurance). The Train Operating Companies (TOCs) do NOT. Also, some companies have special offers which are NOT shown on this website. Use this as a guide, but not as a bible! If in doubt, ask questions at ***** because there are people there who really understand the farce that UK train ticketing has become!
Ticket purchasing 100% safe. Total satisfaction, great customer service.
Good useful website. No virus downloads.
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