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I wouldn't rent anything from them. Their website, especially their donating to friends to keep servers online-option, is unsafe. That's not the worst part, the worst part is their service is lacking. A friend was able to do a Paypal-payment with my Paypal account, about a few minutes after I donated to his account with my own account and saved my Paypal credentials to my Nitrado-account. This lead to a lot of e-mails back and forth to Paypal and Nitrado. Nitrado denied there was anything wrong (I've got obvious proof) and so did Paypal. I gave up on them eventually after dozens of e-mails and took my loss. Just a warning.
I'm using Nitrado gameservers, voiceservers and webspace since years and I've never found any problems. The uptime is very good compared to other hosters. In over four years only my voiceserver crashed and only once. So I recommend this site to everyone who is searching for basic serverhosting with no need for rootserver features. German: Ich bin seit über 4 Jahren Kunde bei Nitrado und habe zur Zeit einen Voiceserver und Webspace, jedoch habe ich auch über lange Zeit verschiedene Gameserver dort gemietet. In den 4 Jahren ist nur der Voiceserver abgestürzt, aber acuh nur ein einziges mal. Solange man keine Features braucht, die man von Rootservern kennt, ist Nitrado auf jeden Fall zu empfehlen!
I do not recommend this incompetent host. I have requested them to add "-sv_pure" to my server's command line, in order to run pure servers, can't have people joining with modified materials like transparent walls and such. They don't actually give you an option to edit the command line yourself, that would not really be an issue if they made the changes you ask them to, sv_pure is a BASIC, ESSENTIAL setting not something uncommon. After waiting more than 4 weeks (yes, more than 4 weeks) for a reply in regard to the support ticket I've opened requesting "-sv_pure" to be added, they've said: ----------- Hello, Thank you for your request. Currently it is not possible do add "-sv_pure 1" to the server. ----------- I run multiple game servers but have did the mistake of transferring one of them to Nitrado, as my servers are built on a very strong fair play foundation that is an ESSENTIAL feature for me and my players, i find it unacceptable that a "Game Host" provider isn't able to do a basic modification like this, as a followup, i will terminate my hosting with Nitrado. As most of you server owners know, it is not easy for servers to go thru an IP change (especially for users) this has created many frustrations for me + even more time wasted. I cant not classify Nitrado as anything other than an incompetent game host. I've messaged their CEO (Marco Balle) to inform him of this but have not gotten any reply, this to me shows he does not care about his customers, why should they (we) care about his business then ? I strongly advise you to avoid marbis GmbH AKA Nitrado, don't make the same mistake i did. "

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