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I use NoScript and at least on ***** I saw nothing from Facebook, doubleclick or others... As for Google Analytics, the site already tried to load it anyway, but I have it blocked (as is doubleclick). I checked with FireFox built-in debugger what files it was requesting when I reloaded the page, just in case, and indeed nothing extra was loaded. This is a CDN and I think it depends on what content each wiki-site has there - if their content links to doubleclick, then of course it load stuff from there, but in case of the site I was in, there was nothing suspicious. No additional sites shown by NoScript nor the debugger/inspector in FireFox. Seems fine to me. CDN's used by many sites always have the issue that they host content by many sites - but it's not any different from the site hosting all that stuff on their own server.
@Hyle.Owens: yes but it also holds JavaScript files... https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/nocookie.net/comment-81711949#comment-81711949 See Flamewart's note: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/nocookie.net/comment-76285897#comment-76285897 Verified and yes, this is true, unfortunately. For Wikia, this CDN loads 8 JavaScript collections of which 6 is especially for ad targeting, tracking, monetization, and the like. It would need some smart filtering to get rid of these and still access images, because thumbnail scripts are all mixed up with the nasty ad code. I rather go without the images and block all this until that option will be available.
***** is the content delivery network responsible for hosting and serving the images and files for all of the various Wikia wikis. Evidence: Go to any wikia site with this site disabled and you will see that many images do not appear. Once enabled, the images appear.
http://answers.wikia.com/wiki/What_is_nocookie.net says, "Nocookie.net is the content delivery network responsible for hosting and serving the images and files for all of the various Wikia wikis."
When allowing nocookie.net on Wikia, Ghostery (add-on) detects that four more trackers are loaded on the website: Google Analytics, Krux Digital, DoubleClick and Facebook Connect. Hope this helps in revealing the mystery of this strange and apparently "non-existing website".
I couldn't get thumbnails of images to load on a wikia until I allowed this website on NoScript.
Nothing on the website. No information given at all. Registrant is Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0130027497, hiding information about the real owner. Seen to provide/host images and CSS files for wikia.com.
This is informative site.

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