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The official site of NPR, a reliable news site.
I always thought NPR use was a great source for news content, but recently found they often provide a story completely different from the truth itself. It's one thing for a news site to have a bias, but to be blatantly dishonest in your reporting makes me question everything I've ever read here. Absolutely disgusting.
русофобы и брехуны как и все западные сми
This is the site for National Public Radio and is generally a good site, however there is a pronouced progressive editorial bias in its news reporting, thus some awareness is advised when using this site as a source of news. See: *****
Actually no longer a site in which to obtain unbiased reporting, but is now a liberal, social/cultural-warrior-justice-minded organization that more oft than naught is anti-christian preferring the many "another" gospels, dogmas and ideologies of this present "end-of-time" in which false religions and Godless political movements will be dominant. NPR is an excellent site, more oft than naught, for Social and Cultural Marxists and those who know no better. Just saying; check out the other sources who report facts and make great effort to stay clear of man's vain-imaginings.
critics say it doesn't go far enough.
!!! Все суперрр
News radio podcast
Official site for National Public Radio. Great analysis and coverage.
Nothing objectionable but content. Not...offensive, quite, My tempest in a teacup, so...A General objection to such lists that imply/suggest some level of confidence/famaliarity with subject. ~10 authors account for ~24 of 100 best? Fantasy mixed into sf list. No separate category for 'books I liked when I read them in high school'. No separation between liking a story and it being good. NPR's sf list isn't necessarily worse than other hacks. Except they shouldn't be.
Extremely bias reporting. Constantly dismiss factual information that contradict the chosen narrative.
Well rounded and neutral radio.  I recommended for Adults. I think is great for older Kids, the younger ones need parental guidance, due to some of the subjects they cover may not be for the young crowd or maybe the parents believe is not for their kids. Great for the adults and young adults.  I will recommend for the 15+ age, again is up to the parents. Enjoy!
Very trustworthy news source. Places more emphasis on arts and life than most news outlets.
Being British I don't know much about NPR's daily programming but for me the Tiny Desk Concert stuff which is posted on You Tube is absolutely brilliant.
Their report on the cause of bird deaths in Arkansas doesn't make any sense. Real news reporting includes some investigation- not just repeating lies told by the government.
The quality of the material speaks for itself. Of course people who hate knowledge are going to trash it. Some of you need to go back to your political pornographers... EDIT: I am downgrading it a notch because my security found a BSQLI hole.
Хороший сайт, мне нравится, пользуюсь уже давно.
If the Homosexual Lobby and their ultra-liberal cohorts have their way, pedophilia will be the next “normal.” Public Advocate has been warning for years that this was coming. The pedophilia agenda is now emerging in more mainstream venues like National Public Radio (NPR), which has long supported the radical Homosexual Agenda. Recently, NPR ran a segment trying to convince their audience that pedophiles are completely normal. To be clear: they think adults who actively desire to have sexual relations with children are just like you and me. NPR wants you and me and the rest of America to see things the way pedophiles do. The concluding line of this segment was particularly haunting: "Imagine being a teenager and being told never to act on your sexual feelings ever for the rest of your life. That's what we're asking of these people." It’s a bad thing to tell a pedophile they will never get to have sexual relations with children?! It is if you ask the Homosexual Lobby and their leftist allies. They envision a future where we tell pedophiles that it is OKAY for them to desire children; that it is okay for them to ACT on these feelings. The 19 year old that was the focus of this story said he is afraid to ever have a child of his own, because the desire to molest his own child would be too strong. This is not natural and it is not an “orientation.” It is a mental disease and there is no other way to view it. Pedophiles need psychological and medical treatment, not validation. Their desires make them dangerous. Advocates of normalized pedophilia are focused on striking it from the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) official list of mental diseases. They want pedophilia reclassified as a “Sexual Orientation.” And that phrase is very important. You see, the Homosexual Lobby has already passed considerable legislation to project and elevate anything officially classified as a “sexual orientation.” This means that pedophilia would instantly become a protected status if the Gay Bill of Special Rights becomes law. And it makes President Obama's Homosexual Privilege Executive Order -- which bypassed Congress to preemptively enforce the Gay Bill of Special Rights on all federal contractors -- all the more dangerous. The Homosexual Lobby and their ultra-liberal allies are working furiously to legitimize legal acceptance of pedophilia. HON. EUGENE DELGAUDIO President, Public Advocate of the U.S.
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