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Email addresses and contact details submitted to PartsGateway are NOT secure, their entire user database appears to have been compromised. -------- February 2014: received a phishing email sent to an address that was used solely for registering with PartsGateway. From: Landowner <jakub.michalak@dokumenty.pl> To: Customer <partsgateway@...........com> Dear Tenant, Please, note that this is not an eviction notice; it's a 10 (ten) days' warning about the debt you have on your property. At the moment your rent is behind by #2000 (two thousand pounds) and it is a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act and our Tenancy Agreement. We kindly ask you to pay #2000 (two thousand pounds) within 10 (ten) days. If you do not make this payment in the next 10 (ten) days, we can apply to the court to end your tenancy, and for you to pay all the rent owed. You can find details by link: http://redkeyinteriordesign.com/lodgers/bill.41366136.zip Best regards Landowner -------- September 2016: Received virus-laden zip file from Gail.redmond72@highdesertoil.com again to the address used solely for Parts Gateway. -------- February 2017: Received the following fake shipping notice from servicecustomer@localpoolrepair.com:- Dear Mr ***MY FIRST NAME***, Thank you for placing an order with us. For your reference your order number is F68227458-653. Please note this is an automated email. Please do not reply to this email. Get your order F68227458-653 details ***BROKEN LINK*** Your order has been placed and items in stock will be sent to the address shown below. Please check all the details of the order to ensure they are correct as we will be unable to make changes once the order has been processed. You will have been notified at the point of order if an item is out of stock already with expected delivery date. Delivery Address ***MY FULL ADDRESS*** ***MY PHONE NUMBER*** Delivery Method: Standard Delivery Your Order Information Prices include VAT at 20% Customer Service Feedback We are always working to improve the products and service we provide to our customers - we do this through a continual review of the product range, and ongoing training of our Customer Service Team. We continually strive to improve our levels of service and we welcome feedback from our customers regarding your buying experience and the product you receive.

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