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Animal rights site which is safe to visit. A bit extreme on their viewpoints.
This is a site for an extremist animal rights organization which indulges in highly questionable activities and promotes pseudoscience. See: ***** Untrustworthy.
they are a porn ring (see wikipedia)
PETA seems to have some kind of hate-boner for pets because they euthanise more pets in shelters than they give up for adoption. They also have been classed as a terrorist organisation. No sane person holds the lives and rights of animals over those of humans.
Don't ever trust Peta. They claim they "save" animals but really they don't. Secretly they enjoy harming them and so many animals (including pets) have lost their lives. Their content (such as Peta games) can include gore and info people will find disturbing. Don't trust Peta, they're just a bunch of liars.
Shady movement that does the opposite what it says it does.
PETA is a well known animal welfare group. Well there are some things that I agree with, there are many other examples where they go too extreme.
Sitio web que muestra imágenes y violan los derecho de los animales.
Цитадель зоошизы. Citadel of zooschisa.
PETA murdered 33,000 animals since 1998 dont trust. their games is alright but this group sucks
Suggesting Vegan diets for pets now? Abusive. Just like Vegetarianism, Veganism is another scam trend to make big companies richer. PETA + Dog food industry is hopping on the band wagon while suggesting natural raw diets are bad. How, ironic. Please do your research and don't force your beliefs on an animal who has NO CHOICE.
They claim cats and dogs can eat a vegan diet. Nothing is further from the truth. These carnivores are only healthy when fed a balanced diet high in animal proteins. In addition, cats and dogs require taurine, an amino acid not found in plant matter. They claim to be against animal abuse, yet they promote abusing our pets with food that is harmful to their health. 2016 EDIT: They are suing to give copyright to the "Monkey selfie" picture, despite legal precedent that says otherwise. Website hides behind CloudFlare, which appearently they are paying large sums of money to, because they are using custom nameservers which circumvent the ***** search, but removing the www from the DNS name reveals IP address ***** which doesn't support HTTPS.
I feel that much of this is opinions,and many of the facts are misstated or outright lies.Also,some images contain blood/gore, making it unsuitable for children.
Misleading.  Dolphins have indeed BIGGER brain size than human brains, not the other way round!  The "Emority University" they are talking about probably does not exist.  Their pictures are also gruesome.  I mean, what they show seems like a good idea but if you go deeper it isn't actually very good, as apparently they even claim that we must not eat beef or steak or fish or eggs or chickens, which means that PETA is hurting our diet in a way. No malware found though.
"Do not kill animals, please. (let us kill them)" - PeTA. They are sexist, specist, …
PETA claims to be a company that protects animals, but it does the opposite. They kill animals. Also all the games are unsuitable for children, as they contain mature content. Avoid this company.
PeTA is the EXACT POLAR OPPOSITE of what they say. They kill animals, kill animals and kill more animals. Just How did Peta get so popular?
no better than the green peace faggots
They say they help animals but they kill a lot of them, even going as far as abducting pets to kill them. *****
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