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The site seems ok but definitely not child friendly as they kill nearly 400,000 children a year.
This is the official website of Planned Parenthood, which is controversial in the US only because there are many objections to abortions in many states.
Site that offers potentially sensitive information, and doesn't use HTTPS by default. And forcing a HTTPS URL causes the browser to throw a mixed content warning and not load all site elements (such as videos) Site 's servers hide behind CloudFlare, which can potentially act as a MITM. Please note that this is NOT a review of Planned Parenthood, but of their website plannedparenthood.org.
condones killing of babies per content served to my pc, and mutilation of sexual organs. furthermore, says that there are STDs, when there are none, and all contagions are communicable equally by kissing or sneezing.
Website providing women's health and reproductive services for teens and adults. Often hated by anti-choice loonies, Planned Parenthood provides FAR MORE services than abortions, and is completely necessary to have in a first world country
This site supports baby murder and that is repulsive to anyone with a working conscience. This site also heavily engages in deception--keeping women from knowing the Truth about abortion--that it's a choice to murder a precious baby. Also, they are engaging in another repugnant behavior of actually selling innocent murdered baby body parts. What an evil! Run from this site!
In light the recent videos that have come out showing PP dealing in aborted fetuses I believe the organization is dishonest in its true intentions and core guiding principles. Any information available on their site is biased based on their belief system.
It is sad that murder is accepted in today's society under the banner of "choice" Here's one for you: if i dont like you, can i kill you because its "my choice"?
Information and resources covering sexual and reproductive health topics. Research on sexual health problems and directory of health centers in the US.
This website provides questions and answers, fact sheets, and reports on abortion.
This site was founded by a terrible woman but no longer runs on her ethical standards, as she has not been in control of it since 1962 and has been dead for over 40 years. Things change. They did not start receiving federal funding until after this, in 1970, for family planning and contraception as well as other medical services they provide. (Liberals of the time supported this decision for increased personal freedom and control over their lives, Conservatives of the time supported it as a way to keep people off welfare.) Most of their services are not abortion, but contraception, screenings for cancer and HIV (these all total around 2/3 of the money). Sex education, counselling, and management account for most of the rest. Abortion accounts for 3% of their spending and federal funding the organization receives (1/3 of total funds) cannot be used for this. This site is informative and free of viruses/etc., it is aimed at teenagers and adults and may not be appropriate for small children for various reasons that are probably very obvious.
Information for planned parenthood.
Wonderful people educating teens and providing services to poor and at-risk women. To everyone at Planned Parenthood, a big Thank You!
Most of the criticisms here seem to be based on ideological opposition to the organization itself, not the site content. The site runs fine and has no obvious malicious content (e.g. scripts and such). It also does not seem to openly advocate any particular ideology (primarily providing objective information such as explanations of procedures and locations of clinics) - any ideology presentation appears to be limited to secondary appearances in the newsroom.
What a shame. A bunch of right-wing nuts are complaining on this site that it kills babies. Yes, Planned Parenthood provides abortions for many, but they provide much more than that. They inform teens about SAFE SEX. This site is completely child safe because it gives INFORMATION TO CHILDREN ABOUT SEX.
Why should federal money support a private agency founded by Margaret Sanger? Read her own words about believeing we need to get rid of "human weeds." As a teacher of society's most at -risk population...whom I am sure she would deem as "weeds"..... I am beyond offended. Truly mind boggling that people so blindly support this agency. "
Lots of idiots leave comments like "UNETHICAL!!!!11111 THEY KILL BABIES!!!!!". Literally, they're the most idiotic people on Earth.
They abort babies, they are pro-death, child safety should be at the bottom. If anyone thinks planned parenthood is a good thing, maybe you should check out what's going on.... *****
The website contains adult content, or at least content that should only be views with a parents permission as it covers topics that are religiously or ethically sensitive as well as things many parents would say that children shouldn't know until they are ready.
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