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Is reddit.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

reddit: the front page of the internet

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reddit.com reviews 473

Kinda like Digg, but without all the whining!

Social Bookmarking site – mature audience recommended

nsfw contents

Social Bookmarking, Better than digg's system. honestly.

Better than Digg.

Lots of NSFW content so not so great for children. Otherwise, amazing! Screw digg.

Better than Digg

eggplantmanSat Jan 17 1970

Reddit is a great site for discussion and sharing. It is a huge community and organizes its content into subreddits. The goal is to ensure that you are only going to find what you were looking for. Keep in mind that this almost completely community based and not everything is going to be child appropriate. Almost always these posts will be marked but it is best to be cautious.
It is a great site overall!

Berliner SpatzenhirnThu Jan 15 1970

gute site

NøkkenbuerSat Jan 17 1970

A good website if you wish to find interesting articles and stories from across the web, as well as an adequate forum through which you can discuss a variety of topics with other users. Originality in terms of media content is not very reliable, but the discussions can be very stimulating. Any subject, topic, or hobby imaginable—real or fake—is represented (or can be represented) here. It's quite a unique website with a much more efficient approach than its competitor, Digg. I suggest trying it out sometime, if only for the experience.

Safety Rating Breakdown


Good siteOpinions, religion, politicsOther


92 / 100

Child Safety

81 / 100