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Is tipard.com safe? Reviews & Ratings

Tipard dedicates to offer the best Blu-ray Converter/Player/Copy, DVD Ripper/Cloner/Creator, Video Converter, and iPad/iPhone transfer software.

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tipard.com reviews 24

Yes , They are spamming forums . We at PCWorld keep getting them late at night. They are a Pest.

sebsauvageThu Jan 15 1970

They have been spamming forums with ads for their products (with IPs from China: 222.35.188.x and 222.35.191.x)

Their product is only a GUI (graphical interface) over opensource tools (ffmpeg, XVidcore, etc.) with NO PROPRER CREDITS to those tools.
The GPL is also not displayed, which is an infringement of the GPL.

You want to convert videos for free ? Use the free WinFF, Handbrake, DeVeDee (Linux), SUPER (Windows), etc.
Don't pay for this overpriced crap.

Spammen Foren mit ihrer Müll-Software voll. Können sich wohl keine ordentliche Werbung leisten. Finger weg! 🙁

These are well-known Chinese forum spammers and software scam pirates. They take other people's work and build slightly modified UIs around them.


Site is being promoted via forum spam (this address was lifted today from IE7 Pro forum). It's always a bad sign if site owners/operators either spam themselves, or engage 3rd parties to do that for them.

Please, do not support spammers, their affiliates, and/or merchants using their services.

F756N5JXAK3ND5VYThu Jan 15 1970

Spams message boards a lot and never stop, malware.

mariusichaThu Jan 15 1970


Forum spammers

Spamming forums and stealing open source content.

Very bad customer experience aka Spam and other ethical issues.


Safety Rating Breakdown


27 / 100

Child Safety

32 / 100