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All links to upstore.net are now - already 1 MONTH!!!! - redirected to a blanco page => www.google.com. Every day i sent an online question to UPSTORE.NET whether I get WORKING LINKS or a REFUND bcoz I can NOT use any link to upstore.net Until today I never received a decent answer, nor clearness of this big problem. So my advice to all who want to use upstore.net in future: DO NOT USE AND PAY FOR A PREMIUN ACCOUNT
It seems you did not wait 60 seconds of the Captcha loading, please start from the beginning It seems you did not wait 60 seconds of the Captcha loading, please start from the beginning It seems you did not wait 60 seconds of the Captcha loading, please start from the beginning It seems you did not wait 60 seconds of the Captcha loading, please start from the beginning It seems you did not wait 60 seconds of the Captcha loading, please start from the beginning
Longtime repeat customer going back several years with zero prior issues. After a few months of not using it I opted to buy 1 month, but the usual credit card method now only lets you buy 3+ months and higher. Paypal refused to work every time (which means Paypal has now blacklisted them - for good reason). So I was forced to use a different credit card vendor that made me jump through several hoops including requiring my phone number & taking ages to process payment. Finally got premium but only lasted about 2 days before my account reverted back to Free, and was told the payment was reversed, despite me using the same credit card I'd used prior with no issues. I have no idea why this happened, other than because that new credit card vendor is dodgy-af. Now they tell me that credit card option is no longer available to me and I can only use the main option, as long as I select to pay for at least 3 months (ain't frikkin happening, sweetheart) OR pay with Bitcoin. Also ain't happening, because Bitcoin is NOT refundable, so if anything goes wrong I lose my money. So since I used Upstore last earlier this year, most of their legit payment providers have dropped them like a nasty habit, and they've gotten greedier and plain predatory. Their "free user slots" is an absolute LIE because it has NEVER ever worked, no matter how many days I wait or what time of the day I try. After I pointed this out to customer support, they called me a "cheater" that's trying to use their service for free. Even though the so-called free slots feature is their own doing, not mine. They clearly do NOT value their longtime customers and only think of us as their personal cash pigs.
This site just doesn't work , try to download a not premium file as a free user and you will see. Postive review are bots or community manager
Сайт, работающий по гнусной схеме (скрытая подписка). Пользуясь невнимательностью клиентов, сами ставят галочку на премиуме. То есть, деньги автоматически снимаются с карты и на второй месяц. Более того, эти хапуги накручивают трафик. То есть, скачал 12 Гб, а приходит уведомление, что свои суточные 20 Гб уже забрал. A site that works according to a nefarious scheme (hidden subscription). Taking advantage of the inattention of customers, they put a tick on the premium themselves. That is, money is withdrawn from the card for the second month. Moreover, these grabbers are driving up traffic. That is, I downloaded 12 GB, and a notification comes that I have already taken my daily allowance of 20 GB.
Download time, one file 6-7 days!!! trash!!!
I accidentally registered another e-mail on this site, bought a month VIP premium and then forgot my password. I tried to restore it, but I realized only later that the email I entered was different from mine. I asked the technical support (sending 6 e-mails and opening 2 tickets) to change my e-mail so as to get me into my account, but no answer (I doubt they will ever answer). I bought a VIP month a few hours ago and I only used it for a few minutes. The problem is not how much I spent, the problem is that I know that they will never respond and then I will have to block my credit card because these THIEF will RECHARGE 11$ EVERY MONTH. Please, report UPSTORE.NET TO AUTHORITY. They're ruined my day and my holiday.
I had a negative experience with this site, and am frankly surprised this site's allowed to exist on the mainstream internet. Downloads, or simply clicking on upstore download links from various sites led to malware, spyware, and viruses that weren't even initially detected by my existing anti-virus software. I ended having to download a special anti-virus program after noticing my computer acting strangely. Download files may not always be what they purport either: for example, a file titled something innocuous may turn out to be egregiously illegal/unethical content for all you know if you're not careful, nor verify the validity of said link. I also experienced unauthorized charges to my credit card although I only subscribed to a month of service; luckily I was able to get a charge back eventually, although it took a long time to account for. Customer service is very avoidant and practically useless. This site strikes me as very unethical; as they don't even follow DMCA protocol with claim forms left irresponsibly broken, making it impossible to cite a claim in case any sort of content/data/photos are ever stolen from someone against their consent. Use this site at your own risk. Frankly, I'm sticking to more transparent, and reliable sites from now on; Lesson learned.
Shady site, looks like they're saving all your credit card data for later charges! I made a one-time cc payment to download some pornos from them. Month later I've found out they're charging my card again! Nowhere was I told it'd be recurring. Download-wise, it's ok, speed was fine, although it varied a lot, sometimes was better (several megabytes/s), sometimes worse (especially when downloading many files), and subscription worked whole month as promised. Update: mastercard approved my chargeback, got the money for unjustified recurrent charge back after 2 months
Poor customer service. Creating an account requires an email address. You can use any email address you want, even someone else's. This happened to me. Someone used my email address. When I asked their customer service to remove my account, they ignored me. After multiple requests to remove my account, my account is still active, an account that I didn't ask for
Possible scorecard manipulation: Site deals in illegal warez, non-consensual porn, etc. and is protected from abuse complaints by CloudFlare. Site hides behind hidden WHOIS.
Site upstore.net places my video where I'm naked without my consent! infringes my copyright, and my safety! It gives permission to download my image on video without my consent! my demands to remove pornographic video is not responding. Help me to remove the video from my image or help me to sue for violation of my rights !! I have children and parents, they can see my videos where I'm naked, it could hurt my family both morally and physically, parents can die of a heart attack, and the children of my psyche can suffer! This site promotes user video recorded with webcams and pays money for a video with pornographic content. Do not asked permission to record .it is a crime against me, where is my image and photo sold all without my consent! help me!
They harvest webcam recordings illegally and then illegally sell those videos. Their DMCA link is broken so you can't ever submit a removal request to them.
Keeps charging months after quitting users who made the mistake of paying. Will probably have ton cancel my credit card to stop it.
Service for porno warez.......
***** is a website that promotes piracy and generates revenue from illegal distribution of digital content that is uploaded by its members. Most of these files are illegal copies of digital content in formats such as audio files, movie files, software files, eBook files and any other form of digital content. ***** also offers a 'Free Membership' with the terms clearly listed on their website. However, after they have obtained your personal information you discover that they do not provide the services they advertised to gain your personal information. The fraudulent practices of upstore.net are expanding on the Internet via an increasing number of this type of website. This IS NOT a file sharing website. A file sharing site does not generate revenue from digital content regardless of your personal feelings about file sharing.
Maximum download speed and unlimited parallel downloads One of the main benefits of being a premium user is that you can enjoy maximum download speed which is about 100 Mbps for premium users. for more,please visit *****
Firstly, the download rate for a typical user is of just 15kB/s, which means that 100MB of data will be downloaded in about 2 hours. This is by far the lowest download cap I have ever seen on any hosting site. Secondly, there is also a 1GB maximum file size that a typical user can download, which seems odd because that same user can upload files of up to 2GB. What that means is that if you were to upload a file of over 1 GB you can be sure that other users won't be able to download it unless they pay to become premium. Lastly, the download does not support resuming and in the event that your internet connection suffers any 'hiccups' in this very long download period. You can imagine the trill of downloading from the beginning after you've already wasted a set amount of time.
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