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Had been ordering clothing from this site, the shipping is slow but the customer service is excellent.
Love the clothes fits very well so quick to help me with any problem I had
I received my package in good condition, the items were well packed despite one of the shirts it had a broken buttons.. am happy with the quality to keep up. For a first-timer I don't have any complains... I wish you guys could speed up on preparing orders.. All in all looking forward to work with you guys.. Regards
The website is great, customer care service is also on point. The communication is superb. I loved everything about their website. I use the app to shop and I think it's a lot more convenient. This is my first purchase and I have no regrets
I recieved my order and the quality of the clothes was amazing you'll think the price ur paying the quality will be cheap but that's not the case. Customer service was on point they let me know immediately that something I ordered was unavailable and sent out my replacement within a day or two.
Excellent communication and customer service skills....
So far so good as a wholesaler. I have no complaints. Orders have come on time and quality of products haven't failed me.
This company is great thus far I have been working with them for about three months. All my packages were sealed and correct. Also they usually come extremely on time within like the first 3 business days. Thank you W7
I love this company very convenient
Love w7! Very convenient and the team responds right away. Only down fall is being able to order something that is out of stock.
The service is remarkable they answer emails every quickly and I’ve ordered from this company three times. Each order came in a timely manner
I love shopping with W7,the team responds quickly to the needs. The only thing is shipping prices are high but other than that I have no problems. Great prices !!!
Some clothes are good quality , shipment fast once the items are ready, this my 3rd order and each order I did have a delay because an item is always out of stock but they always fix the problem and try to hurry and send shipment.
It's absolutely amazing to shop from wholesale7.net its safe and convenient.
I am very much impressed with the services etc , delivery is quick. The only thing I had to wait a year & a half for was my refund the status kept on pending up until I had to enquirer about it again then sent an email to complaints that’s the only time my refund was processed.
Love the items and customer service just need to lower shipping prices and some of the clothing material
I really love this supplier! The shipping is always timely, I love the clothing and good quality for the price! They have very good consultants whom are always willing to help me.
Wholesale7 is a cheap fashion clothing online store where you can buy low-price high-quality clothing items at a wholesale price.
I have bought from this site in the past (May 2012). fast delivery, good quality etc. The only bad thing was the delivery cost, but that was specified BEFORE placing an order, and it still worked out cheaper than local purchases. I was very surprised to see the RED WOT warning. And only ONE negative review saying scam. If that one review is the base for this rating, then WOT is a waste of time, and irresponsible. I have been trusting WOT for ages, and not entering bad rated sites. But this one now makes me wonder how accurate it is. I pay them using Paypal, so the negative comment about them not being Paypal verified, is a bit strange ?? Or just plain wrong. A phishing results website was mentioned by another comment, but omitted the results which stated: http://www.wholesale7.net/wholesale-shoes_c59 This site is NOT a phishing site. Another that quotes Siteadviser ratings as negative: ***** But the actual Result states: WHOLESALE7.NET This link is safe. We tested it and didn't find any significant security issues.
Phishing/Scam site. *****

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