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4chan is a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images.

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About as child friendly as a bag of used syringes.
Not for the conservative people, but hey, it's entertaining from time to time, especially when there are stupid people posting. Or "Geass Sunday," whichever comes first.
I agree with Sami. This is a large image board, which has among other things adult content. Adult content can usually only be found in select subforums.
Best site on the Internet. Kids don't belong here.
JuliusMeibergThu Jan 15 1970
JPhantom95Thu Jan 15 1970
Site is hilarious but NOT recommended for children.
Dont let your kids on.
iwasaroundThu Jan 15 1970
Everyone is Anonymous. 100% Privacy.
BEWARE! Site regularly has illegal images.
nosferatisThu Jan 15 1970
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86 / 100

Child Safety

12 / 100