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This website promotes white nationalism and is also filled with lolicon/shotacon, cp type pornographic materials that violate the 2003 PROTECT ACT as well as the 18 USC 2257 75 CFR Child Protection ACT in the USA. The Lolicon/Shotacon cp content also violates obscenity and child protection laws in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and most other countries. Furthermore such perverted content is considered socially taboo in almost every culture as it appeals to sexual deviants/perverts particularly paedophiles! For legal and moral reasons I do not recommend visiting or using this website! This site also poses a malware risk in the form of Trojans containing keyloggers and remote access malicious software! This site and it's 8kun counterpart are the source of the discredited insane QANON conspiracy theories that helped instigate the attempted Washington DC Insurrection, another reason to avoid this site!
This website promotes white nationalism and other forms of violent extremism and terrorism. It has also been known to have animated CP porn uploaded by its users, so for legal and moral/ethical reasons I recommend that you do not visit this website! This website has also been known to spread malware. Jim and Ron Watkins and their 4chan and 8kun websites are the origin of the discredited qanon conspiracy theories. Again steer clear of this sewer!
very not poggers
Safe website just don't click on weird links on there
a great site, but, not adecuated for children, and there is horrible people.
This site may be a bit unnerving, but at least it is better than the fake one called ""
I spend way too much time on this website. All in all though it's a pretty great website in my opinion.
1 is a porn site. NOT for children! Contains sexually-explicit material.
It's only boomers, fags, and social justice warriors giving this site negative ratings. It is a good site, 100% based and redpilled.
Definitely not for kids, but anyway, one of the best places in the entire Internet
не для детей, много порнографии
Great site, horrible people.
Many "boards" are essentially support groups for psychopaths and you can come across illegal/controversial content, although the site has tried to "clean up" in recent years I wouldn't recommend it.
There's no gore or anything like that, unless you dig VERY deep into some of the boards. /b/ is full of porn. so... yeah. Nothing horrifying, ever. /r9k/ and [s4s] are the good boards. The humor on the site has not been dark for many years, and if you hear bad things about them, it's outdated. Even /pol/ is no longer that alt-right board you have heard of. tl;dr: Only stay away if you are not allowed to see pornographic content. Trust me, gore appears very rarely, I visit /b/ many times, and no.... there is no gory stuff.
Great site, I love it. Wouldn't recommend letting your kids on it though. That's a bad idea
Possible traps in the /pol/ (which I support, admittedly.) and /b/ things, but should be safe from viruses.
4chan is a fully anonymous imageboard/forum site with boards dedicated to varying forms of content and discussion. There are many boards on this site, too many to list here, all with varying degrees of child safety. Some boards such as /h/, /gif/, /aco/, /r/ and /s/ are dedicated to pornography, while others such as /pol/ and /b/ are notorious for their offensive content. However, there are many boards which are perfectly safe for older teenagers such as /wsg/ (worksafe GIFs), /vr/ (retro games), /lgbt/ (gay community), /news/ (current news), /int/ (international) and /trv/ (travel). These boards can still contain some risque content, but nothing too explicit to be considered "pornography" at all. Overall, very good site for those with a thick skin, but not for kids. No doubts 18+ for NSFW boards and at the very least 15+ for SFW boards.
Great website, I've trusted this website for years. Just not suitable for children. It's an imageboard for just about every topic. Much classier than Reddit.
Dear god don't let your kids on here. This website is safe, a forum for anonymous discussion, but sometimes some really fucked up stuff can appear. It's okay if you can tolerate it, otherwise don't come onto this website.
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