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Sparks.FoxSat Jan 17 1970
Like most imageboards, I would not recommend this site for the young and/or sensitive, but it's fine for pretty much anyone else.
The website formerly known as Still not owned by moot.
zeekthegeekSat Jan 17 1970
This is a well known child porn hosting site. Also known for coordinating stolen identity content and harassment campaigns, DDOS attacks, etc
HTTPS Everywhere currently rewrites requests to (or its subdomains). OK so we check: ∞chan padlock icon Infos (1) Encryption (HTTPS) (1) Communication is NOT encryptedSecure HTTPS Connectivity Secure Connection Successful We were able to connect securely to your HTTPS server. This means that your HTTPS server is listening for and also responding to secure requests. SHA-1 Certificate Expiring Before 1/1/2016 The certificate has a SHA-1 signature, but it expires before January 2016, and thus will not show any negative UI in Google Chrome. DANG is using SHA-1. Name Match Successful The server address which you provided matches the server name that is on the SSL certificate. Not Expired Your certificate is currently within its validity periods. Your SSL certificate was issued February 25, 2015 at 14:28:30 UTC and it expires November 20, 2015 at 16:04:00 UTC. Intermediaries not installed. See Netcraft Site report: links to the following External Domains: ==> ==> - backlinks -> Poodle: 8CH.NET:443 ( - NOT VULNERABLE Domain Name: URL Tested: Number of items downloaded on page: 12 Valid Certificate found. Certificate valid through: Nov 20 16:04:00 2015 GMT Certificate Issuer: GlobalSign nv-sa SSL Protocols Supported: TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 All 12 items called securely! Secure calls made to other websites: is valid and secure. Security Headers not returned and 1 with warning: access-control-allow-origin Insecure cache-control Warning x-content-type-options Insecure x-xss-protection Insecure x-frame-options Insecure content-security-policy Insecure
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8chan is a website where users can discuss controversial ideas that most would find offensive in an anonymous setting. Part of what makes this site great is the community of dedicated users that always cite quality sources and data to back up their claims.
NamelessRumiaSun Jan 18 1970
8chan is a website where you can create and moderate your own imageboard, and the only global rule against content illegal in the United States of America. The website should not be considered safe for children. The site was hailed as "freer" than 4chan back in late 2014 to early 2015, but has met controversies like IPs being logged just by looking at the website (April 2016) and Jim Watkins from 2chan taking over the website (May 2016) then making decisions without speaking to global mods or the userbase first.
zut_de_zutSun Jan 18 1970
Nonexistent moderation, unpunished hateful harassement campaigns and hacking.
This is a very safe website. I posted my credit card number here, and they were so kind, that I didn't get hacked and they warned me that identity thieves exist and I should delete the post, so I did.
Imageboard for retard humans that want to see shocking images/videos of brutal stuff. Dont get me wrong, it's not full of this stuff but when you browse the site you can easily stumble upon it. If you can deal with that, it can actually be quite informative or fun but its moderation is pretty bad so don't go there. Trust me. Once you've seen stuff like that it will stay in your head forever and you can't not think about it. Makes you angry, question life and get depressed...

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