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9nl.comreviews 15
richardpickettFri Jan 16 1970

Spammer, says it all.


It's we who decide what's the future of a site. Actually the intention of the site is great! May be some people misuses it. But I should say they are making a good step against the spam accounts. Over all, the site is very good for tracking our links, campaigns in the easiest way!

ClickMeterFri Jan 16 1970

I'm the founder and CEO of and!
ClickMeter is an online analytic service based on link tracking http://( ).

We have plenty of happy customers who use their ClickMeter account for their campaigns monitoring. Currently we are counting thousands of subscribers with millions of links served around World each day.

Unfortunately, as we all know, there are (bad) people who uses services (included ClickMeter) to spam others. In our case it's only about 0.001% of the total links we serve. ClickMeter or 9nl do not have any connection with these spammers! We hate spam and not requested messages in general!

Whenever we receive a notification regarding spam activities, we take that seriously and immediately investigate. In case we found evidence of malicious behaviours we remove the links within 24 hours and even suspend the account permanently to avoid future spamming.

We see spamming as a very serious offense against the privacy of the people. Hence we improved our anti-spam policy and put lots of effort to make our system spam free. As part of this, we developed an automatic system to check the probability of a destination URL to be a spam and we block it before going live.

Thanks for your help in making the Web a better place.
Davide De Guz

4 was found on May 11th, 2012 on the URIBL (URI based Blacklist service) for possible SPAM and/or Malware violations.


The domain, registered through REGISTER.IT SPA is listed on at least two SPAM blacklists as of today. This does not necessarily indicate that they are guilty of sending SPAM, merely that the server that their IP address is associated to was confirmed by at least 2 sources to be a gateway for SPAM. This leads us to recommend caution on this server as it is possible that if it is compromised for SPAM, other data could be compromised.


Spam distributor


This website is classified as a phishing website.
It is associated with attempts to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords and credit card
details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity.
You should not enter confidential information on this website.

hawkeye1111Fri Jan 16 1970

Site is being utilized to re-direct traffic to illegal and criminal spam sites


I know this service very well and it's not a spam site. They are link tracking and shortening service. Not at all responsible for the content of the spam site. Spammers actually trying to hide their actual URL using 9nl link shortening and they could even track the visitors flow to their website. But there is nothing to do with the domain or this website.


I personally uses this service and I don't see any threatening problems with Actually, it's a link shortening and tracking service from it's sister site ( II saw the comments below from some of the people telling that it's a spam site. I wonder why they speak like this since 9nl itself does not host any content. It's just a redirecting tool which will track all the information about the visitor. Hence you can't blame on for the content of the destination url.


Safety Rating Breakdown




30 / 100

Child Safety

41 / 100