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Quantcast is a new breed of measurement service helping buyers and sellers quantify the characteristics of digital audiences against which they can activate addressable advertising solutions.

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Do not go here., a known spyware and fraud site. Also has as a favorites list.

piotros2185Thu Jan 15 1970

one troyan gived me Attention! that this site is my only hope

plasticmadnessThu Jan 15 1970

Quantcast (alias Quantserve) is currently listed on HP-Hosts blacklist for phishing scam. Please do not enter this site, and make sure you Adblock filters are up to date AND, MOST IMPORTANT, block ANYTHING javascript coming from "quantserve" using NOSCRIPT (quantserve is nothing but a quantcast alias).

Tracking cookies. >:o

Cynthia WOT SUCKSThu Jan 15 1970

Phishing Scam and Fraud!

Logiciels espions

Uses email spoofing for spaming

Web bugs originating from site.

Stephen ArgonneThu Jan 15 1970

Uses Google Analytics spyware to track its user's activities.

Great tool for marketers, but also very intrusive to end users. Can lead to degradation in performance.

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83 / 100

Child Safety

86 / 100