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Protects rights which many do not agree with. Also points out many groups as promoting hate. That is a subjective viewpoint isn't it? Site is safe to use.
Promotes moralphobia while seeking laws to grant elevated social privileges to moral deviants.
Despite some of the nonsense said about them they are a leading force for good in the world. Their critics probably have never even bothered to see one thing that they actually do.
Privacy risks for one ***** not the only one Safety Reputation 0/27 Domain 1st Registered ***** (25 years ago) Server Location Flag (US) United States Submission date: Mon Jan 18 07:31:09 2016 Server IP address: ***** Country: India Server: nginx Malicious files: 0 Suspicious files: 0 Potentially Suspicious files: 0
Rated A+ at
The ACLU has only ONE purpose. That purpose is to protect the U.S. Constitution. The postings here by those who would keep people from going to the ACLU site clearly show that the posters are under educated, ill informed and stubbornly stupid. They believe that they are correct in EVERY instance without citing any proof for the opinions that they post. Clearly they do not understand that the ACLU protects THEM as well as those that they hate. They deem the site unsafe because of their political and religious views and not because it is in fact unsafe.
This is the official website of the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU is a left-wing organization whose goal is to promote constitutional rights. Whether you believe in their policies or not, the site is completely safe to visit.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a leftist, secular-progressive organization. This organization pursues a leftist agenda that includes censoring prayer and recognition of God in public institutions, such as public schools. Declassified documents and letters link early ACLU leaders with Communist Party.
Group who tries to protect the liberties of Americans from politicians who want to take them away.
Protecting constitutional rights and helping to keep America free.
Civil liberty organisation. Ignore the stupid comments about them trying to "get god out of America"; some people truly have no brains. "
the ACLU is trying to get, "Under God" removed. These people are going to be shocked! They're going to be shocked on a scale beyond anything they could ever imagine. Groups like the ACLU have been doing the devil's foot work for a long time, now God is about to have His Almighty say. These people haven't the slightest clue of what's about to befall them.
A bit liberal for me, but this is a safe site otherwise.We should try to avoid using our political motivations to rate sites.
Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative, Anti-Traditional, Anti-anythingtheydon'tlikeevenifthethingtheydon'tlikeiscompletelyconstitutionalandthemajorityofAmericasupportsandlikesit. Just another group trying to push God out of America. Whether they like it or not, He's still here. dig it, son. ‎"But you do not believe that the dead are raised. When the resurrection shall take place, then you will believe, whether you will or no; and your faith shall be reckoned for unbelief, unless you believe now. And why do you not believe? Do you not know that faith is the leading principle in all matters?" - Theophilus of Antioch ‎"I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God. Amen." - Martin Luther
people with balls to stand against the crazy right wing nut jobs
wicked, unamerican, rabble rousers

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