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Good site with no scams, malware, or viruses. However you can name yourself anything you want to be cautious about letting young children on this site.
WARNING - You can easily get addicted!
"Only for kids"? What? Lots of adult people play this, it's a game for all ages...
Razulminecraft..Sat Jan 17 1970
People say that this game is only for kids, but I heavily disagree as many adults play it to pass the time. You can choose anything to be your name, so people can make racist or offensive names. Not at all recommended for kids.
There's only so little I can say about this game, other than it's quite fun. It's a time waster for those who are bored. You just consume other "cells" or "organisms" until you reach to the #1 on the leader board. The only concerns I have is that people can make any name that is either racist or very, very offensive. You can combat this by turning off names in the options before heading into a server. Also, be aware of typo squatting this website. There's already one out that's a screamer, named
затягивает насмерть. вроде простая игрушка, а сидеть можно часами)
Very fun online game. If you REALLY want kids to play it, turn off usernames and pictures.
I don't think it's normal for a web browser game to set off an alarm on my Malware shields telling me it blocked an infection.
Dimalav567Sat Jan 17 1970
Да обычная мультяшная игра, где надо поглощать маленьких врагов и становиться очень большим.
SmankusorsSat Jan 17 1970
OMG this is the best game ever I played ^_^ Just teamed with person to dominate the map, lol xD Well it is recommended to check "No names" box to hide the racism or some nicknames that is inappropriate for kids :p

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