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someone: this game only for kids me: this game used for all ages
Currently down for protection, but entirely safe.
safe site with user interacting be careful
Отличный сайт, с простой, но затягивающей игрой. Думаю сайт безопасен. Но иногда попадаются игроки с нецензурной лексикой в никнейме, это не желательно для детей, но сама игра как раз для детей очень интересна, так что спорный вопрос. Думаю все же это не так страшно, современные дети в реальной жизни нецензурного больше слышали.
Хорошая игра, только много доната( А так сайт выполняет все свои условия
***** is a fun,safe game for adults and children. I highly recommend this game,but just don't fall for their expensive coin offers! No seriously the highest is $99...... I think it is better if only children children 10 or up play this game as there may be names of a cells that are inappropriate.
Love this game but be ***** is extremely addicting! Lol
It is game site.
Отличная "залипалка". Многие пройдут мимо, так как тут нет ни современной графики, ни сюжета. Но эта игра для других.
overall: Safe pros: - Kid friendly cons: - The rest of the service my description: This USED to be such a fun game. Originally made by some guy, Miniclip bought it from him and it became an extremely popular game; even considered one of the most popular ones at some point in time. I've played it ever since August 2015, and LOTS of things have changed. For one, this game is practically dead. Miniclip did not expect the size of the game and couldn't handle the responsibility that came with it. So, no more updates, and now I'm just sitting here rating random sites on WOT. However, it attempts to sell you so many different things you don't want (It's only for the game) and that's another part that drove everyone away. TL;DR: A good game back in the day.
You can name yourself literally anything so sometimes nicknames are racist, offensive and mean. Thankfully, users can turn off the nickname feature so their kids can play.
Its just a game where bubbles eat bubbles but you can name yourself anything and some people take advantage of that but you can turn off names.
Одна из лучших простых браузерных игр, игру портят тимеры в режиме FFA. Так-же в игре постоянно появляются игроки с нецензурными никнеймами, по этой причине сайт для детей рекомендовать нельзя
You can name yourself anything on AGAR IO, so always overlook kids playing! Very fun though.
While this site is perfectly safe for your computer, it does allow anyone to name themselves anything, so there are offensive, racist comments, political views, offensive language, pretty much anything imaginable. Thankfully, you can turn off the nickname feature if that disturbs you.
Very fun game. People are allowed to set their own names, which can be offensive, but I wouldn't say this is the website's fault.
A really good site where you can be who ever you want and name yourself whatever you want. Be cautious with young children playing this game as they may come across the few naughty names, such as "arsefuck", or "nazi". Be cautious with young children. Also don't typo to make it ***** is a like game created by Preston Kellenberger. It involves normal, but some way through the middle of it, a scary Jeff The Killer face pops up and can easily cause seizures. This happened to a 9 year old son, who was taken to hospital. Read about it in reddit: ***** Don't worry it's a trusted site, reddit is!

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