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Welcome to Air India

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Although the site itself is fine, the service from this airline is poor. The airline tends to overbook and does not give adequate compensation for the poor experiences that customers are forced to undergo. This airline even failed to meet the minimum requirements for joining the Star Alliance, which is hardly a surprise considering its quite obvious inability to give good quality service and accommodate passengers correctly.

Short message – bad airline. There are many better ones out there. Don't be fooled by the cheap prices. You'll regret it, as I did.


good site.managed by govt of india.
services are good and reliable.


Agree with ph5461, the site is fine but the company itself has a terrible reputation (for good reason). I used to work for airlines here in the UK and Air India was regularly the butt of airline humour.

I've logged on just to comment on this particular airline – as I type I have some family that just landed in India and their flight was delayed by over two hours without any explanation until after they boarded. Customer service doesn't exist.


Official website of Air-India The national airliner of India


Safety Rating Breakdown


Good site


90 / 100

Child Safety

88 / 100