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Typical Indians. Someone has registered my email here, and I started to receive a lot of spam. Now, I notified the company about the mistake, but they did not care to do anything.
2016-June 2022 on: 2016-June 2022 on: AS24560 / AS9498 / AS45609 – Bharti Airtel Ltd., Telemedia Services / ***** / ***** / ***** / continuously maintains IP addresses up to "very high" volumns of spam during a 30 day period: ***** (bottom of page) Peer host for AS24560 - Bharti Airtel Ltd., Telemedia Services / ***** / *****: ***** OTHER: (listings) Peer host for AS24560 Bharti Airtel Ltd., Telemedia Services / ***** / ***** ***** (Bharti Enterprises (Holding) Pvt. Ltd / ***** / Example: ***** (BHARTI INFOTEL LTD / Bharti Airtel Ltd / ***** / AND ~June 2022~, a top bot network: ***** ***** OTHER: (listings) ---Hindi--- ***** / ***** / / भारती एयरटेल लिमिटेड एक 30 दिन की अवधि के दौरान एक ही आईपी पते से स्पैम की कम मात्रा का कहना है: ***** (पृष्ठ के नीचे) हालांकि, AS24560 भारती एयरटेल लिमिटेड, टेलीमीडिया सेवा / ***** / लगातार रखता आईपी 30 दिन की अवधि के दौरान करने के लिए "बहुत अधिक" स्पैम के volumns को संबोधित करते हैं: ***** (पृष्ठ के नीचे) AS24560 भारती एयरटेल लिमिटेड के लिए सहकर्मी मेजबान, टेलीमीडिया सेवा / ***** / ***** तथा फरवरी 2016, नेटवर्क के 4% संक्रमित है: ***** अन्य: (लिस्टिंग)
one of the famous telecom carriers in india
Spam messages:>[].>[].
WORST customer services, no body can listen your requests once you bought from them. Before that every body are very alert and attention, its nothing but cheating the public
This source of spam bounces all legitimate spam complaints while doing nothing to remedy the infected subscribers that spew spam from their IP space. They are still one of the worst ISPs in terms of spam received on my end. I am now getting malware spam through this ISP.
Von deren Servern kommen Viren-Mails, die sich als interne Firmenmails ausgeben.
it is airtel broadband data usage checking link... useful one....
Airtel official website in India, Airtel can be trusted in their service and I am happy with their support as a customer.
Airtel is the leading mobile services provider in India. This site is safe, pretty neat and user friendly.
Facebook/Yahoo Messenger Dating Scam Unsolicited Spam Originating From: India ( Originating Network(s):,, ***** Name Server:AAADEL.MANTRAONLINE.COM Name Server:DNSDEL.MANTRAONLINE.COM Date Received: ***** Return-Path: ***** Return-Path: ***** Contents of Spam: From: "FaceBook" <> Reply-To: <> To: <> Sent: Saturday, March 9, 2013 2:25 AM SubjectHi sexy :) I just saw your picture on Facebook you're cute... can we chat on yahoo messenger? my yahoo messanger name is usadancer4731 pls addme hunny i'm online now and horny lol!! :)
poor customer service. They put down your phone when you start to explain your issue to them. The company tries to loot its customers at every instance. My DTH package was upgraded and all Espn-Star group sports channels were removed one day before India-Eng series so that they can extract extra Rs 50. Interestingly, when channels like star movies and Zee studio were added in my package I had to call their customer service 4-5 times to upgrade my package as the channels were not showing but the moment sports channels were removed from my package was updated INTSANTLY. Just visit airtel presence page on fb and you know what their standard is.
one of the worst service provider in India.... broadband service is not cheap..... many issues.....
E mail spam with gambling offer. Don't click on the link !
Spammer They don't read their abuse mail address.
I had many conversions on his customer line.Sometimes it was good but recently I had one.So, carrying with that, I will say Very Bad Customer Support. Because they activate plans on your mobile number without any confirmation or activation request, They also block customer support for customers. I suggest you to use Vodafone
Spam received and SSH intrusion attempts from hosts in this domain.
gives useful information.
Good Website
Good Website

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