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Find what you want: new and used books, used textbooks, rare, out-of-print books, plus music, and movies from independent sellers worldwide.

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alibris.comreviews 13

I have found Alibris to be a very satisfactory online source of books, especially hard to find editions. their customer service has been very good.


I ordered three books from and received them a few days earlier than expected and in exactly the condition which they were described. There was a small mix up. I was charged twice, but I made a mistake(different address than credit card) on the first form and submitted it twice. I decided to wait and see if it would sort itself out and it did. All three of the books that I ordered cost less (with shipping) than any one of them would have cost at the college bookstore.


I order one book from this site, first of all what they charged for international delivery around + and the book was supposed to 1 month after placing my order, I have never received the book. I cannot trace my package from the site, because the shipping company they used their web page has broken links for 2 month now, I contacted the site help desk but no useful reply at all its been 3 months now and still I have not received my book at all. Sorry to say but for me this Site was bad experience.


This site sells books,movies,music etc.I found no problems at this site.I cannot vouch for the vendor but the site is safe enough.


I have been buying and selling books on Alibris for atleast 5 years with good experiences.

william cowieFri Jan 16 1970

Book received in VG Condition. I continue to alibris for all of my book orders. In the past I have had very good response from Customer Service. Books received always in the stated condition.


Just make sure you buy from reputable sellers or you are screwed with customer service.


I have had no problems I live in CAnada

wheelman82Thu Jan 15 1970

Good information.

lgtechcomputersFri Jan 16 1970

Bought a book from the Alibris marketplace because it was signed and in like new condition.

The book received was not signed and had highlights. We wanted to exchange it for th right book but…

The seller (StarrCat Books – this seller hides all their feedback comments) was totally unresponsive but what was even worse is that Customer Service did not mediate and asked us to order another book instead. Repeated questions were replied with the same answer over and over as if it was robo customer service or scripted.

Stay away from this site and this seller.


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Good site


92 / 100

Child Safety

93 / 100