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I've been here several times and I have not had any problems!
willibald99Fri Jan 16 1970
Informs about events in Stockholm. no idea why it got such a bad reputation.
shotbystitchFri Jan 16 1970
There is nothing wrong with this site, I dont understand. It is an events page. Its really handy.
OzyOfficial1Sat Jan 17 1970
This page advertises events around the world this page has my Community event I'm holding on it. it's a safe site for everyone! Exsample my events link below
I think that it would behove WOT to re=examine this site please. I haven't had any issues and the site does get out valuable information to many that otherwise wouldn't ever see it. My event is of great benefit to those suffering from Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS and autoimmune illnesses/diseases. If you prove them to be bad still then yes I would like to have specific information on the site please and why. I do want to protect myself but haven't seen anything yet that has caused concern. When I signed up with the site initially I did not see the yellow circle. After posting is when it showed up. Thank you.
Displays events based on your location, and quite useful.
compromised .php script redirecting to pharma sites. DM the GURBL when remediated for re-rating.
why is this site and the app rated so low :geg nothing wrong with it
Great site to find stuff to do.
Its a great website to know events happening around me.

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