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This is basically a biased rumour site which poses as a valid news source, plus has a privacy risk. This site has nothing to do with George Soros either. See: *****
Fake news/bad journalism. And I'm leftish, but I noticed this site easily takes over crappy news without checking the source, It's a hippy circlejerk site,
18 invisible web bugs? Get REAL! This website is a known "Hoax" site!
Article on the site states that the method of action of a certain medication is not known, while the effect is actually scientifically proven and has been for decades.
Quite a bit of conspiratorial content and alt health quackery. Wouldn't be surprised if they started writing about chemtrails.
This site is garbage.Deliberately inflamatory comments about percieved controversial subjects presumably with a view to profit from generated traffic.Dont waste your time, there are better sources of information which actually provide evidence for their claims.Consuming this sort of information is damaging to your mind and as such is not suitable for children.
On one hand this site has some incredible content that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. On the other there are some serious problems: It is very political with a very left-leaning slant. If you are a Fox addict it is going to be everything you don't want to hear. If you want to insanely rant about George Soros this will be perfect fodder for you... There are some serious physical design problems- just like with so many left-leaning and green sites. For a long time the narrative was the left dominated the internet while the OLD right-wingers dominated AM talk radio. Not exactly, Tons of these left wing sites are cheaply designed and incompetent. One left-wing site after another contains sick numbers of trackers and have horrible privacy policies. One reason the left thinks it is better at the net is perhaps they are better at spamming. Is that anything to brag about? The bottom line is that right-wing sites are nothing but sick, lying, evil political porn for old racist men who worship the Koch brothers and fantasize about black helicopters. Left wing sites are badly constructed and spammy. Can't someone do better? If this is what the information age has to offer maybe we are better off without it!
This site has good information but runs a LOT of scripts.
Typical liberal news website that functions as a bastion of Fifth Column scum and as an echo chamber of "progressive" thought. Openly supports traitors like Snowden and his ilk. Is funded by George Soros, godfather of astroturfing liberal movements through massive funding. They're always sliming their opponents with the vilest language and standard liberal accusations of insanity. Ad hominem is the rule of argument here, no mercy given to right wingers. And the liberals wonder why we hate them.
Lies lies lies
Progressive echo chamber funded by George Soros.
good and independent news
News site with blatant political bias.
Child friendly!
Trusted website - no spyware, malware or anything else nasty. :)
Good website, unbiased news.
As fair and balanced as Hannity and Limbaugh, but for the fact that Hannity and Limbaugh reveal that they are politically motivated. But don't worry my friends: according to liberals who complain on the internet, the only bias in media is that of the right wing. Therefore, this website is pure, unadulterated middle-road, non-bias, relevant news that pushes no agenda.
Very good and informative. Very reliable.

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