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SpammyScamHunterSat Jan 17 1970

Survey scam.

Survey scam, almost fell for it. Glad I came to this site.

Will.ChillSat Jan 17 1970

In order to claim my earnings for site called this is what the story states. Congratulations Your Payment Approved

To qualify for this month payment, kindly complete little survey to prove you are human being not automatic click software bot.
[ Click here to open survey ]

After completing survey, then request the payment

Cheque Pay to (Your Full Name):
Survey Status: Survey not completed yet.
Payment schedule:For 300$: Payment will be processed with in 30 days.
[ For 800$ or Greater: Same day Process ] INSTEAD OF SURVEY IT TOOK ME TO SCAM SITE

hasanghasemiSat Jan 17 1970

من به نتیجه ای نرسیدم وقت تلف ک

Scam Site be aware. After collecting sensitive data from me, I found out it is a type of place which one cannot find any contact info nor owner name of the site.
They have my IP address now without asking if they could do that!?!?

This website is a scam-bait website currently linked to fake "Pokemon Cheats". See the blog for more details:

Site phishes for personal information

prairietailSun Jan 18 1970

i think its a scam as if I'm gonna get a galaxy edge

alexprincess20Sat Jan 17 1970

This website is kid friendly and has great rewards. I love this website so much
Its amazing

Pardeep.Kumar RathoreSat Jan 17 1970

very nice site
i like.
this is best site for poor man.
God Bless You

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