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Love amazon I have been ordering from Amazon for years ans i'm a prime member I know when I order stuff from amazon I know that they stand by there reputation
Amazon online store, very safe
Good service! It's safe to browse.
Helpful est pour les Canadiens et ***** est pour les Américains. Ce site est destiné aux Canadiens qui aiment faire des achats en ligne. Je fais des achats en ligne sur Amazon Canada depuis de nombreuses années et je n'ai reçu aucun problème de leur part. Leur livraison est également très rapide. J'ai acheté un livre avant et le jour suivant, il est arrivé - excellent service ! Parfois, il faut simplement être prudent avec les vendeurs tiers. Pour les vendeurs tiers, il suffit de vérifier les cotes d'étoiles et leurs commentaires pour connaître l'expérience des autres acheteurs avec leur entreprise, pour que vous soyez en sécurité. J'ai déjà vu des vendeurs qui ont de mauvaises notes et de mauvais retours. J'ai également acheté des articles à des tiers (très populaires) et je n'ai eu aucun problème. Les informations sur les produits à vendre sont très instructives dans les détails, très précises. En conclusion, ce site est idéal pour les achats en ligne. Il faut juste être prudent avec les vendeurs tiers.
Great company, reliable and well known. Good shipping, and security when it comes to packages. You can find everything on here great job Amazon. Everyone loves Amazon
Average level of trust
J’ai acheté des livres sur ce site. Il y a mes auteurs préférés. J’ai tout particulièrement aimé la classification des produits. J’arrive à trouver rapidement ce que je cherche sur la plateforme. La page d’accueil propose souvent les offres alléchantes.
Очень даже не плохо!
Helpful is a pretty safe site as long as you know what your buying and who you are buying it from on this site but other than it is a good site to buy things from!
Je recommande ce site, car je n’ai pas eu de problème en particulier pour effectuer mes achats. J’achète des DVD à un petit prix.
Pleased with all shopping experiences fulfilled by Amazon and most third-party items. Only one issue ever in several years of shopping for occasional gifts, clothing and household items.
This appears to be a scam as I received Spam attempting to get my Credit Card Details, addressing me at a nonexistent mail account on my web site mail.
Good site. The prices can be unreasonable at times, but overall I am pleased with it.
excellent i shop there since 2004 never had issues awesome site
I have had no problems with whatsoever. Customer service has been top notch ... staff have had excellent communication and problem solving skills ... never had any 'attitude' from any of them. I bough a paper white Kindle and the support person helping me get the Wi-Fi and Kindle set up was very patient and went to great lengths have me understand what I was to do. I have ordered DVD's of television shows .... received them in 3 or 4 days ... This is a great site. I only buy from amazon I do not both with the 3rd party sellers .... a couple of friends of mine have had problems ... so stick with and you won't have any problems or if you do their customer service will assist you in a professional and satisfying way.
Its a good site.No problem.Awesome feeling.Thanks.
1 is for the Canadians and ***** is for the Americans. This website is fit for the Canadians that love do shopping online. I been shopping online on Amazon Canada for so many years, and I have not receive any problems from them. Their shipping is very quick as well. I purchased a book before and the follow day, it arrived - excellent service! Sometimes you need to just be cautious with the third party sellers. For the third party sellers, just check the star ratings and its feedback to see other shoppers' experience with their business, so you are safe. I seen sellers will bad ratings before and bad feed backs. I been purchasing items from third party (very popular ones) as well and no problem though. Information of products for sale are very informative in details, very precise. In conclusion, this website is great for online shopping. Just cautious with third party sellers.
Пользуюсь этим сайтом, тут безопасно, много полезных функций, смело можно использовать.
Online shopping from Amazon. Available in Canada.

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