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Scott TancockThu Jan 15 1970
Great site for anime. Doesn't crash often. some content is unsuitable for younger children. close popups and separate browser windows as soon as they appear
forestw785Thu Jan 15 1970
Great site. I have an ad blocker going, so no problems here. Always running.
eine gute Quelle für Anime-Serien; die Untertitel werden sogar in drei Sprachen angeboten, eine gute Site
Lots of good free anime to watch. The ads can be avoided with Firefox + AdblockPlus
There is some in some of the anime, not all though. I just felt to put this up. If you're a parent you'll want to look up the anime your child is watching on the Wikipedia to get to know the show better.
thatstoobadThu Jan 15 1970
With ad-block plus installed on Mozilla Firefox, there are no pop-ups, and based on the anime watched, the adult and ratings change, so that should be kept in mind. I'm not sure how illegal this site is, but whatever. It's safe.
I wouldn't go to this site. Sure it's good, but it has a LOT of popups, and who knows what those popups contain? Spam, virus, adware, spyware...who knows?
great anime site!
Good site for Free amine online, although slightly illegal. Some of the content on this site is defiantly not child safe, but in a good way (Black lagoon i'm looking at you (: )
RLLBcheeseThu Jan 15 1970
great site. plenty of free anime, both dubbed and subbed. offers 3 languages normally. 5/5. Just remember to close the pop-ups, although they aren't harmful ones

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