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George.MorrisSat Jan 17 1970
This is a good website for downloading games, but unfortunatley has a lot of Ads that lead to malware (The "Download Now" buttons) .If you follow the instructions, it's perfectly safe
Guess what happened when I went to the website. It wouldn't open. On the 2nd try I got a popup from apple saying that a porn virus had infected my computer and was trying to steal data and stored passwords. It also said that my mac was disabled till I called a certain phone number before I could do that, a text on my phone said that someone had run up 300 dollars from my credit card. I got back my money but it took me 2 weeks. My computer is still weird and won't open any app other than OS X apps. I contacted apple and they told me that page was on one their malware-sites list and never to go there again. That is something you should do. P.S. you see those 2 positive reviews at the bottom? It was created my they were posted on the same day. (That can't be a coincidence)
Jordan.LyallSun Jan 18 1970
Yes, the site is flooded with advertisements, BUT! This site is perfectly legit and does provide games for free. The only reason that i can think of why they have so many bad adverts is probably to stop bots from accessing the site.
AhmedKhan1Sun Jan 18 1970
awesome games site, why people complaining about that site. I like it because thy are giving us full version games for free of cost and direct links. all links uploaded to MedaFire. And the viruses problem, you must watch the video in the post, bcuz you people are clicking on the wrong link, ads or something..... Its request to watch the video in the post to download your favorite game without virus... Best of luck
Muhammad.AjmalSat Jan 17 1970
i like it so much, bucuz i'm downloading all my fav games on this site. i like bcuz all games uploaded to direct links. thanks apunkagames and keep it up
See download instructions ..And download..If ads annoyed use adblock
mylovegames333Sun Jan 18 1970
If you follow the instructions, it's perfectly safe... Watch video on how to download games from apunkagames ... thankyou
gamesexplorerbroSun Jan 18 1970
Thanks god the pop ads are gone to this site. This is safe site now If you follow the instructions, it's perfectly safe... skip download buttons ads and get direct PC games now. In 2017, it is the best website. Please revisit and review safe
mrs.ormsbySat Jan 17 1970
At least some of the links lead to sites which contain viruses.
Never EVER go Doesn't work, is a scam. Redirects you to hundreds of ads and sites rated poorly by mywot. If you need games for free, go to I am not sponsered by ocean of games or trying to promote piracy. Even though ocean of game's games do not have all the features as the full version, it is a nice site to test games on whether theyre worth it or see if its compatible with your computer. apunkagames is illegal and has been shut down in serveral countries. It will try to hijack your computer and install viruses.

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