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Is arizonadailyind… safe? Reviews & Ratings

Arizona's only independent news source, locally owned and operated by Arizonans for Arizonans

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arizonadailyind…nt.comreviews 4
VendenLeachFri Jan 16 1970

Excellent AZ news source. Check it daily!


This is an AZ news site with a strong conservative bias mixing straight local stories with opinion pieces. There is nothing "child unfriendly" and I have seen no evidence to support concerns about privacy. I suspect the negative ratings are based on politics.


This is a very informative site. I like the fact that it is indeed, child safe. Our kids need to know whats going on…

ThistledownSun Jan 18 1970

Arizona Daily Independent (ADI) is a member of the Arizona Newspapers Association. The news website is self-funded through monthly or annual membership subscriptions. NEWS topics include: business, crime, education, environment/ nature/ wildlife, politics, science/ technology, opinion, lifestyle and health. Reader-supported membership subscriptions are monthly () or annually.

Yes, the website is trustworthy for daily independent news. Is it suitable for children? There is no nudity or sexual content. The advertisement appears to be sponsored through local legitimate businesses.


Safety Rating Breakdown


50 / 100

Child Safety

41 / 100