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Awesome app works perfectly
Log in works great...can I have a beer now
essy ***** 28 сен в 16:19 Hello, I wish to seek for your assistance in a deal that will be of mutual benefit for the both of us from Camp Stanley in Uijeongbu, South Korea. Please contact me for details, God bless you. Valdez
Protect spammers, bounce spam complaints - Protège les spammeurs, rejette les plaintes pour spam.
SPAM FOR: ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** , ***** ======================================== Again a f*cking French spammer polluter website of sh*t, apparently, a country full of corrupt, spammers, stammer theoretical laws giving rights to opt-in (because corrupt) and insecurity. Apparently this is the feast of site creations including fake sites for spam, scams, advertising to sell us their crap and pollute the planet with electric resources wasted! F*cking capitalism! F*ck OVH and other spamer's hosts! And address of sh*t again! One day, the number of Internet domains used for SPAM extensively exceed the number of useful internet domains, like the number of SPAM received which represents 90% of e-mails that are received in the world! The capitalists are real r*tten! Proof here: ***** /!\ A VERY IMPORTANT TIP /!\ : DON'T CLICK ON ANYLINK IN A SPAM, INCLUDING THE UNSUSCRIBE LINK, BECAUSE YOU WOULD CONFIRM THAT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS VALID, TO BETTER SPAMMING YOU, this r*ttenness is very contagious with illegal resale data, unofficially legal in corrupt countries, including France! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Encore un p*tain de site Français spammeur pollueur de m*rde, apparemment un pays bourré de corrompus, spammeurs, de lois passoires donnant des droits théoriques d'opt-in (car corrompu) et d'insécurité. Apparemment c'est la fête des créations de site y compris des faux sites pour du spam, des arnaques, de la publicité pour nous vendre leur merde et polluer la planète avec des ressources électriques gaspillés! P*tain de capitalisme! P*tain d'OVH et d'autres hébergeurs de spams! Et une adresse de m*rde de plus! Un jour, le nombres de domaines internet servant à du SPAM dépassera largement le nombre de domaines internet utiles, à l'instar du nombre de SPAM reçus qui représente 90% des e-mails qui sont reçus dans le monde! Les capitalistes sont de véritables p*urris! La preuve ici: ***** /!\ UN CONSEIL TRÈS IMPORTANT /!\ : NE CLIQUEZ JAMAIS SUR N'IMPORTE QUEL LIENS DANS UN SPAM, Y COMPRIS LE LIEN DE DÉSABONNEMENT, VOUS NE FERAIS QUE CONFIRMER QUE VOTRE ADRESSE E-MAIL EST VALIDE, POUR MIEUX VOUS SPAMMER, cette p*urriture est très contagieuse avec la revente illégale des données, officieusement légale dans des pays corrompus, incluant la France! "
I've been paying for ***** Mbps download (25311Kbps) I've never once gotten above 11MBPS (11264 Kbps) My internet also goes offline all the time. They've sent a letter to me saying I've been illegally peer to peer sharing. (I don't torrent) E-Mail bouncing, etc.. The internet service is crappy. Then when I had TV (Television) here, if I turned it on, my internet hit .5 mbps download, and upload was .1Mbps. Don't waste your money. Once my contract is up, I'm leaving for Sonic internet. == Currently logs ALL data going though AT&T's servers and sends it to the government! Please view the PDF including the full story at: ***** Or, *****
unsolicited spam (419 Nigerian scam) originated from ***** in Virginia (; name server for ***** is ***** From: "" <> To: Reply To: ***** Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 12:00 PM Subject: RE-CONFIRM YOUR FULL NAME, ADD AND TEL FOR THE DELIVERY OF YOUR ATM CARD‏‏
Unsolicited spam with malware file attached; originating network is ***** ( in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey From: Barr Fred Mike <> To: Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 3:23 PM Subject: Fw: Good Day Friend
Spam recieve from this domaine
This domain address is currently being used for the distribution of spam: MESSAGE FROM GUARANTEE TRUST LOAN COMPANY‏ From: GUARANTEE TRUST CREDIT LOAN COMPANY ( Sent: 29 August 2012 19:34:25 DO YOU NEED LOAN? IF YES CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS.
4 has run network operations for Ruslan Ibragimov / ***** and has been blacklisted by the Spamhaus Project twenty times from November 2006 to June 2012. See: ***** (September 2012, Ruslan Ibragimov / ***** is listed as the ninth most prolific spam operation in the World). ***** (Archived support of Ruslan Ibragimov / ***** by twenty times. There are plenty of very large, more 'clean' networks that have Never run Ruslan Ibragimov / ***** spam operations and thus are Not listed).
spam sending - with attachment for "investment"... possibly dangerous
Spam received form hosts in this domain.
safe enough with FF and ad-ons but not IE. Set up for new users but not safe (tiny, already checked box says "keep me signed on for two weeks"). E-mail sign-in keeps disappearing, but automatic virus check before downloading JPG. Lots of cookies attach...a lot like AOL/
I'm sure is a safe website, but be cautious should you get an email from anyone from I recently received an email with the subject, "REPLY NOW," in rather unprofessional capital letters. The message seemed to regard an account, yet mentioned Ghana, attempted to ask me to verify my email account, and USED EMAIL SPOOFING! The "reply to" line in the header was a gmail address.
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