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this site is very inaccurate and misleading most autism groups heavily discredit this orgnaization
does not speak for autistic people, has a history of discriminating against people like us. while the website itself might technically be considered "safe", there are better websites to get information about autism from, coming from more reliable, less discriminatory and biased sources. rating should at least reflect the user reviews on here, none of which i've seen are even positive in the slightest. there is no warning about this website like there usually is when it comes to websites who have faced an overwhelming amount of negative reviews?
Autism Speaks has been the focus of controversy; over 60 disability rights organizations have condemned the organization for failing to represent autistic people, and for exploitative practices.
i'd honestly say autism speaks has probably set us much further back in understanding autism spectrum disorders than we would have been at this point without them. also, last time i checked there were no actual autistic people taking part in running the organization.
Autism Speaks was founded not by people with autism but by people who were disturbed by their grandson's autism. Enough said.
Not good site! It's not! Fakes. Fakes! Never visit. It's as malicious as if you downloaded an app from a sketchy person who advertises by e-mail spam and makes you download this pointless software just to inject a virus to your computer. and did I mention, THIS SHOULD BE A COM NOT AN ORG!
This site want to know my location
Collects money for autism awareness but almost all of it goes into their own pockets. Knowingly spreads misinformation about autism to the point where it negatively impacts those that have it.
Their information is inaccurate and their portrayal of people with autism is harmful.
Autism Speaks does NOT in any way speak for autistic people or their families. They advocate awful policies, collect money but do not give it back to people with AST who would need it, ....
Not only does Autism Speaks only spend 3% of their annual budget to actually help people, they are nothing but hate mongering, fear mongering bigots who spread lies about autism and try to make parents paranoid that their autistic child is a demon. This is the bull**** that the organization was founded on to begin with. If you actually care about autistic people and legitimately want to help them, DONT DONATE TO AUTISM SPEAKS. Instead, donate to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) which was founded by autistic people for the sole purpose of helping autistic people. *****
Basically, Autism Speaks is a company that profits from exploiting autism for publicity, without actually caring about autistic people in the slightest. They care more about their public image than they do about autism. Autism Speaks does little to nothing for autistic people and their families. Very little of this organization's money actually goes to charity. Most of it goes to advertising and publicity (including damage control for willfully ignorant claims and actions), and some of it goes to very questionable research. They are willfully ignorant of the fact that some of the studies they cite, promote, or fund, are unethical or have been disproven. Much of their "advocacy" consists of a thinly-veiled advertisements that parrot some questionably true (or outright false) talking points. They have helped to make popular the idea that Autism is a disease. This has enabled some very scummy people to manipulate the parents of profoundly autistic children into buying "miracle cures" that are actually dangerous to the autistic child (or anyone who ingests the substance). There are plenty of better, more trustworthy sources for information and advocacy than Autism Speaks. Stay away from this site and the organization.
Autism Speaks, but it seems that they are so intent on denying real autistic people (like me) a voice. They have no autistics on their board, so how can they say they speak for us, when they don't? Autism Speaks also holds the damaging view that autism is a 'disease', an 'epidemic' that is taking children - and adults - away from their families. Not to mention the "I Am Autism" video they made some years back, where a woman contemplated driving off a bridge with her autistic daughter in the trunk, but she didn't go ahead only because of her 'neurotypical' sister. I'm not going to light it up blue for World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day this year, but rather I'll light it up rainbow to reflect the diversity of the autism spectrum. Autism Speaks doesn't speak for us.
They want to cure autism without knowing really what it is. Most of their research goes into developing a prenatal test for autism, which does nothing to help autistic people and promotes eugenics. A very small amount of their money (4.6% if I remember correctly) goes towards autistic people and their families. I myself am autistic and I do not support this organization.
This organization claims to speak for Autistic people while saying hateful things at their events and in their commercials. They only give about three percent of the money that they get to help families and at least some of their resources goes to supporting a type of therapy (ABA) that's considered by the Autistic community to be abusive. They also continue to support the Judge Rotenburg Center, even though the things that the center does to children is considered to be torture by the UN. Autism Speaks only has two Autistic people on their board and it shows, because their goals and values clash with those of the majority of Autistic people. if you want to support Autistic people, support these charities instead: The Autistic Self Advocacy Network The Autistic Women's Network TASH ADAPT
AutismSpeaks donates very little money to help autistic people (focusing instead on trying to "cure" us or spread fear about autism). Encourages stereotypes about autism (such as the idea that autistic people are almost all male, that autism is a disease, etc). I'm autistic and I don't support this organization or website. It's not helpful to me or to my fellow autistic family members and friends.
Autism Speaks is an organization rooted in eugenics, with an end goal to eradicate autism. This is harmful because it means an end to people like me and my close friends, when autism makes us who we are.
Autism Speaks claims to be a charity, yet it ignores the voices of the people it claims to support while promoting dangerous therapies. It uses fear propaganda to dehumanize autistic people and actively silences autistic voices that speak out in protest against their unethical behavior.
This "charity" claims to speak for me and my brother (we both have a high-functioning form of autism), which infuriates me because the only research they've actually been supporting is to develop a neonatal test for autism. The only purpose of such a thing would be to kill autistic children before they're born, since there is no way that you could change how the brain develops. Not to mention the multiple times their staff members have made extremely controversial remarks about those who have ASD, and the fact that none of their researchers or other staff members have autism, and thus have no idea what they're talking about when they say that autism is this big, bad, evil thing (for lack of a better way to put it).And due to their lack of budgeting skills, along with their complete disregard for anything but research that is leading nowhere, only 4% of their budget is actually used to help people with autism. Because of this, I wouldn't recommend donating to them. Just donate to somewhere like Autistic Self Advocacy Network that actually focuses on helping people instead.
Autism Speaks is a terrible organization that only hurts people with autism by treating us like we're diseased and making pseudoscientific claims about autism and vaccines.
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