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avousa.comreviews 13

Continues to pay me every time I request a withdrawal.
Thank you AVO INC


Site de spammeurs – Spamvertised site

Titito1972Fri Jan 16 1970

People who give bad comments is just because they do not use the site…

If you do want to learn how to choose this sites, learn here:
(also bad reputation, from those who havent tried… But click at the comment button at the end of the page, and read the comments from some of those who have tried and think about it)

I have received already 56 times without any problem, and i will keep receiving. For those who do not believe in this words, here you have a list of pics from those 56 paymenst (Initial investment of …. Now do the maths):
Pagamento 1: (.00)
Pagamento 2: (.00)
Pagamento 3: (.00)
Pagamento 4: (.00)
Pagamento 5: (.00)
Pagamento 6: (.00)
Pagamento 7: (.00)
Pagamento 8: (.00)
Pagamento 9: (.00)
Pagamento 10: (.00)
Pagamento 11: (.00)
Pagamento 12: (.00)
Pagamento 13: (.00)
Pagamento 14: (.00)
Pagamento 15: (.00)
Pagamento 16: (.00)
Pagamento 17: (.00)
Pagamento 18: (.00)
Pagamento 19: (.00)
Pagamento 20: (.00)
Pagamento 21: (.00)
Pagamento 22: (.00)
Pagamento 23: (.00)
Pagamento 24: (.00)
Pagamento 25: (.00)
Pagamento 26: (.00)
Pagamento 27: (.00)
Pagamento 28: (.98)
Pagamento 29: (.00)
Pagamento 30: (.00)
Pagamento 31: (.00)
Pagamento 32: (.00)
Pagamento 33: (.00)
Pagamento 34: (.00)
Pagamento 35: (.00)
Pagamento 36: (.00)
Pagamento 37: (.00)
Pagamento 38: (.00)
Pagamento 39: (.00)
Pagamento 40: (.00)
Pagamento 41: (.00)
Pagamento 42: (.00)
Pagamento 43: (.00)
Pagamento 44: (.00)
Pagamento 45: (.00)
Pagamento 46: (.00)
Pagamento 47: (.00)
Pagamento 48: (.00)
Pagamento 49: (.00)
Pagamento 50: (.00)
Pagamento 51: (.00)
Pagamento 52: (.00)
Pagamento 53: (.00)
Pagamento 54: (.00)
Pagamento 55: (.00)
Pagamento 56: (.00)


I just love this program.
Withdraws are easy and
without any problem.
You'll win! Just don't hesitate.
Start earning like we do.


NEVER trust a spammer
NEVER buy from spammers (High fraud risks)
NEVER visit spammed web sites (High malware risks)

NO reputable, trustworthy business spams people randomly.
Investment spams/scams are extremely high risk.

These spams are also sent from hacked computers from all around the world, an honest company sends its emails from it own servers.

By spamming this company is also breaking US anti spamming laws, so they have started out by acting illegally, if you feel that is a good basis for trust, feel free to loose your money. I forwarded this spam to and I recommend everyone does the same.

Hairul BasriFri Jan 16 1970

Always pay me everytime……My WD,my profit,etc……..AVO is the best


This website is classified as a phishing website.
It is associated with attempts to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords and credit card
details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity.
You should not enter confidential information on this website.


Spam-advertised HYIP site. Linked to, which is also promoted by spam.

Claims of improbably-high returns on investment are typical of HYIP scams like this one.


AVO Inc:
It has come to our attention that some of our clients have been receiving emails with subjects such as AVO Inc Notification, Important Message! etc. and saying things like your account is about to expire due to new changes in our database etc. which in turn is directing you to other links for you to make changes to your account to prevent fraudulent activities. DO NOT RESPOND TO THESE EMAILS!

These emails are NOT from AVO INC and we will never send you emails that request your account information or direct you to other file links. DO NOT RESPOND, to any emails like these for someone is trying to hack your account and collect your information. It has also come to our attention that some of our clients are receiving emails that AVO INC has a new plan and you need to send money to a Liberty Reserve (LR) account. WE DO NOT , Repeat DO NOT have any new plan and we will never request you to send money to another account. Be very careful to what emails you click on or respond to so you can protect your information for there are many scams on the internet.

good site


The comment by Dim4ick does not reflect the content of the spam-flood I am receiving on The text of the spams I receive is: "3% DAILY PROFIT
Fixed daily profit for 90 Business days (Mon-Fri, Principal Back, 370% Total Return)
Investment Package: P.S. Due to the USA rules on providing international investment services, we are being forced to change our main domain name to<truncated>". Plain simple spam.

I notice that Dim4ick has only commented on 3 other domains, 2 of which seem to be a Russian telecom provider, the 3rd an unknown deleted domain from St. Lucia. It is interesting to see that Dim4ick made his 2 first comments in Russian. Dim4ick mentions no relation to at the WoT-profile, but the comment could at first glance be understood to have been submitted by, a domain that is mostly visited by people from Russia.
The spam on is almost exclusively sent through the Waledac spambot, a botnet that is often used by Russian spammers. Some of the other 'defenders' have – like Dim4ick – only recently joined WoT and contributed few other comments, some completely misplaced and/or nonsense.


Safety Rating Breakdown




4 / 100

Child Safety

12 / 100